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That's one heck of a quote. Thanks!

Ah, Makkon. I'm thinking about ordering a shirt with his logo on it (His name is Benjamin Hale and his username is ohhaleyeah... lol) but can't decide which color scheme to go with. His early compositions are some of my favorite pieces of music to listen to, both back then and now, even though his Youtube channel has changed so much. Just the other day, I found some of his old Deviantart entries. I'm glad his life has gotten in order :)

Heh, funny story, actually. I used to send him messages asking for advice, but I worded them stupidly and I bet he thinks I'm a spambot or something. Oh, what a shame~

Ponies.... I've pretty much officially severed ties with them and the fandom. I'll keep a few things I like (mostly music), but I didn't even know what season the show is in until just recently when I had checked. Heck, Fallout: Equestria is still one of my favorite reads of all-time! Regardless of my severing of ties with the fandom, I still love you guys and if any of you ever wants to contact me, I'll always be open. Mostly, I want to know what happened to my old friends.

I'll close mine with a quote as well, then:

“I don't want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.” -Oscar Wilde. No use in being sentimental without resolve, in learning without having been taught a lesson.

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But what about replied to? Sometimes I honestly wish that I could forget this place, but what's done is done, so if I'm going to remember it, I'm sure as heck gonna learn from it. I realize that I pushed away more people than I can apologize to, and most of all I'd like to apologize to Evan, amddude (whatever his real name was- I forgot), and Raymond. Also to Michael and Edgar for not heeding their advice on work ethic earlier. So, rather, I'm gonna live out my apology in learning from it; to the former three I shall apologize by not being nearly so ignorant in life, listening more and not being nearly so quick to judge, and to the latter two by showing them that I can do, not talk (ironic, huh?)

Anyways, enough of that sentimental crap. You don't capitalize your i's, and you're liberal about swearing, soo.... Forgive me, for I'm rusty on individual commenter's syntax. Who are you?

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Well, I might as well say it here since this is the only place where it had held any weight.

In 2012 I chose my wallpaper with my first real computer. It was this one. I finally decided to change it, and to something from my favorite artist. Even though I've long since "left the fandom", Makkon still manages to hold my respect and reverence as my favorite artist. Also, a little bit of context for this next bit: every other week (sometimes two weeks in a row) I volunteer and play the piano for the local Children's Hospital. I've put Makkon's "Absolution" into the songlist that I play, and last week was the first time that somebody had ever really liked it, stopping me (after I was finished playing it, of course) to ask what the song was and tell me that it was beautiful. That... was very nice.

I hope you all are doing well :)

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Hello and thank you! I've been doing pretty well. Finally got my life in order and productivity has never felt so good :D

I noticed that you've fallen away from commenting based on your profile records. Everything alright?

In other news, I was struck with a sudden urge to, for the first time in perhaps a year, look up pony stuff. After about a minute, I found this video. (I was looking for this one, but had accidentally searched for "Ponyline" instead of "Flutterline") Simple enough, but it's got some meaning to me. October 12th, 2011 was when this group started (when I first met and started to talk with Jelfes, and then just kept talking). The song "Streamline" has always had a special, if forgotten, place in my heart because of it's simplicity and fact that it was there when I was alone. I stumbled across it and for some reason, it helped to encourage me. To this day, I have yet to figure out why. Coupled with the fact that the video I had just found was an innocent, Season 1 PMV reminded me of some happy times, back when I used to watch MLP because of how much it reminded of sweet, blissful childhood joy. It was so innocent. Coupled together, it just brought a smile to my face. But enough of that.... how about you?

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Ah... what memories may come.

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Heh, I remember that too. You never even noticed that the oven was left on. What a pity...

Thanks for the contact info! Even though I've already had it, if it'll even help one other person, that's always a great start.

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Hello :)

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Oh, I remember here too. Every now and then, usually a couple of weeks or so, I'd think to check back here, just see what's going on in this little niche. This is the first time I've checked back and there was actually something there!

To Closet Brony, thank you. To Sensei Dash... oh, trust me, I remember here too. As a matter of fact, I remember all three of these years. It's fallen into a bit of a blur after all these months, but it's still gonna be permanently in my head for the rest of my life. To That Brony Guy, hello!

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Well, it's been three years to the day since I started commenting with this group of friends. Page five of this post was where we were for the two-year anniversary, and that also seems to be when things started to really go downhill.

I'd like to thank all of you for being here, for however long you were.

Signing off now, this has been Bombedrumbum. Maybe someday we'll talk again somewhere else, but until then, God bless.

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I don't think that the offer is still going on, sorry. Maybe you could purchase something similar!