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Yea lol, but I makes me sad to see a community that only plays Nintendo games.

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Oh and BTW, (Lol, yea I know I said I would stop arguing but w/e :P), Do you actually consider motion control as an innovation? because to me it just seems as a gimmick. I have yet to see a DEEP and/or ENGAGING wii game that uses motion control. Oh, and Assinssin's creed ain't my favorite game either, I was just trying to come up with a quick example. Are games like Mass Efect 2,l Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2, LBP better for ya ;) ?

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I did play NSMBW but I was just talking about the games of witch I owned. Ugh, to be honest I'm sick of arguing :P. Maybe One day you'll switch consoles and maybe just maybe understand the feeling of release.

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When I had my wii I played quite a few games, namely: De Blob, Mario Galaxy, The Conduit, Cod5, Boomblox (Bash party), Tiger woods'10, wii sports, wii sports resort, wii fit, House of the Dead Overkill, Zack and Wiki and probably more :P

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I don't think you fully understand the problem here. YES like many consoles the wii can push out good games but why ONLY first party ones, and even then there first party games are sorely lacking the "next-gen" feel. When I say this I don't mean graphics, but gameplay innovations. Ex: Assassin's creed is wonderful game with a huge world for you to explore in detail and and civilians that react realistically to what you do. THIS was just an example. There are many more.

The last time the wii truly innovated was when Wii Sports came out. After that it's been nothing but REHASHING of franchises (NSMBW) and releasing horrible peripherals. The Wii is DUMB just like Nintendo. Sure you can find a few great games on it. But there's no way in hell that any of the better games can't be played on another console for an overall better experience.

Nintendo is a shameful company! Tell me they start getting off their ass and putting effort into a smart piece of hardware or software....I'll be waiting for a long time

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I'm just doing a direct comparison to other consoles. Some of us don't have enough money for all three consoles. In that time, one must choose their horse. I honestly and whole-heartedly think that picking the wii as only console is a dumb decision when so much MORE can be offered on the next-gen consoles. I'm sorry but from now on their no arguing this fact...

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Ian, Don't be so naive. Nintendo is asking to have people develop crap games on their console. The wii has bad specs and most developers don't like DOWNGRADING their games for the wii. But the ones that do end up being downgraded are completely different and not as good as the original (Dead Space Extraction). Third- parties are just trying to their best to work with the technology that the wii offers, but most of the time it just isn't enough.

Nintendo is completely to blame. It's their fault, that this generation has been a crappy one for hardcore Nintendo fans.

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Great to see prices cut on PSN games. Sony should do this more often, maybe in a deal of the week kind of format?

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Haha, It happens to the best of us :P. I only wish Nintendo would start understanding that people buying lazy games on impulse buy is a short term plan. In the long run, even the most casual will start demanding for a polished product (let alone a polished console).

That said, I'm glad that there is a correlation between our opinions :). And am happy that I'm not the only one that doesn't want to keep giving to a company that is now corrupt by money.

Hope to see more of you in the comment section of this and many other sites :P

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You Named THE two biggest Nintendo Franchises and a game that can be played on pc....Little King's Story remains