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Can't wait to see it. I guess the descendants of the Vikings still have some fight left in them.

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I hear you, bro. But comedy isn't funny through their collective sneer.

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That skit was so strained it was painful to watch. It seemed like the premise was let's show how stupid the Republicans are, then let's try to wedge some jokes in there. They can usually do much better. Didn't even make it to the fake commercial that follows. (was there a fake commercial?)

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All of us will have to stand before God. I don't see any reason to actively try to ostracize her. Is she representing JCPenny's new Homofashonista line aimed at 13 year old girls? If not, why protest?

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At my old church, I overheard some of the ladies saying that they were heading up to New York City to see her show being taped. And yes, it was one of those Bible believing fundie churches. I thought that it shattered the Liberal cliches that all those God-botherers hated f*gs and all that. Ellen is very talented, intelligent and isn't pushing any agenda. No problem.

This boycott helps no-one and is counterproductive at best.

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Based on that trailer, I'm going to give it a shot. My advice: Love on Obama all you want, just don't show contempt for those who don't agree with you. Izzat too much to ask?

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Roger Ebert, Bill Maher and Woody Allen; have you noticed that some liberals get more cantankerous with age?

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Remember that movie where Ferrell took off his clothes and we saw his bare a$$? Ha! Now that was funny.

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Not disagreeing with you, but wouldn't you think that more liberals would be libertarian?

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It stinks of royalty condescending to the peasants who adore them. Meanwhile, they continue to show such contempt for us middle class working stiffs who are clearly not as caring as them since we resist parting with more of our income.