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Let's not kid ourselves, folks. This economy ain't "bumbling" -- it's actually improving. The stock market is going up and unemployment is going down, which means Obama is going to be re-elected in a walk and if you think I am happy about that, you're crazy.

I deplore the European, "statist" form of democracy Obama loves and is nudging us closer to. I deplore Political Correctness which seems to be running riot in this country. And I deplore the Presidents relativistic stance on foreign affairs, particularly regarding the Arab states.

That's a lot to deplore, folks. But this guy seems to just catch the lucky breaks when he needs them most (the housing crisis, the McCain nomination, etc).

Hope I'm wrong... but I doubt I am.

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Yeah, I'm a textbook example of one of those "Hollywood people" you're talking about. I have few qualms about referring to my beliefs as Libertarian. (And, as it happens, most of my beliefs ARE Libertarian).

But if I went ahead and called myself Conservative, well, look out!

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Damn. Because he always keeps his politics to himself, I used to think Carrel might be (gasp!) a Hollywood Conservative. Wrong again.

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Yeah, OUT OF AFRICA's among the most moving and melodic scores ever written.

Sorry but there's just no way of compiling a list of the top 10 movie composers when three-times that number (at least) of genius tune-smiths have been working that trade for the last eighty years.

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It sickens me when this show (and so many others) is so nakedly partisan toward the Dems and Progressive issues in general. Maybe that's why the sketch "Hows He Doing?" sounds bracingly funny and refreshingly candid about Obama's invulnerable appeal to certain voters.

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Can we please all just remember what an unreconstructed asshat Baldwin is the next time he goes and says something mildly conservative -- which he does like once or twice a year -- and dozens of BH'ers all rally to his side? He is as Liberal as LIberal gets.

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What's interesting is that the Chinese themselves are conservative in their lifestyle. It's still a communist country, absolutely, but Chinese citizens are for the most part modest in their customs and sexuality. Wonder if Hollwyood will modify its product accordingly.

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I loved GREETINGS FROM ASBURY PARK NJ and THE WILD THE INNOCENT AND THE E STREET SHUFFLE and BORN TO RUN... and I dig a few tracks on DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN and a few scattered tracks on most of his albums since then (like THUNDERCRACK, LUCKY TOWN and THE LAND OF HOPE AND DREAMS) but most of Bruce's output since the late 1970s has been spotty.

He is an enormously talented guy but like his equally gifted singer/songwrtier buddy Jackson Browne, the man has NO CLUE when it comes to politics.

None whatsoever.

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Yeah, what's so dismaying about what Medved is saying here is that I see no solution for it. And I'm sorry, folks, but just saying "Well, we'll create our OWN content then" is incredibly simplistic and impractical in the real world of film and televsion, because for all intents and purposes, THEY control content and distribution.

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I'm no Liberal but let's not promote false information, Syrin -- unemployment and poverty are not at "record" levels. Far from it.

The debt, on the other hand, is (and it may sink us).