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...don't you mean the 'ObamaShah ? )

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"America loves manly men not metrosexual emos"

Heh. You're just trying to piss off Ace and Allahpundit.

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Thread winner. Hell, Big Hollywood Blog Comment Winner of the freakin' year~!

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That's not a stomp. It's illegal and thoughtless, especially when a supposed 'man' does it to a woman who's lying on the ground.

But if you want to see a stomp, g00gle Albert Haynesworth stomps Andre Gurode. Cleats to his bare face.

You have to arrest this fellow, if not for obvious, blatant assault, then for stupidity. As if there wouldn't be video.

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The 'classical liberals' you describe, and the principles espoused by classic liberalism, are good principles, and have value. But what's running America today is far-left social liberalism, a far cry from classic liberalism of old.

I am a classic liberal. I share none of the desires of the modern, far-left, Looter - Moocher synergy that's known as 'Liberalism'.

You should read this, in order to understand the difference between the two 'liberalisms'.


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Fantastic news! Good for Big Peace dot com to take a stand against Big Pink.

One problem: Big Peace, Big Government, Big (Whatever Breitbart) dot coms do not link to Protein Wisdom in the sidebar. Why is that? My favorite Big Site, you aren't linking.

I'll check back in a couple months, when I visit again. (lays down on sidewalk in front of Big Peace & c. dot com)

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Race is the topic because this story has dominated two news cycles. FOX is not to blame for it, either; the blame belongs to the NAACP and to the BHO Administration. The NAACP (who owns the tape) overreacted; BHO acted stupidly and fired Saint Shirley (who isn't much of a saint: if you listen to the entire 45 minute video, she's bashing Republicans and George Bush...remember the Hatch Act? She should've been fired for those comments). Then the Left, as they always do, play the Race Card. But this time there's pushback.

The story should be the JournoList collusion to get BHO elected, and destroy Sarah Palin. Read The Daily Caller or Big Government for more on that.

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Answer: Andrew Sullivan, Charles Johnson, David Frum, Meghan McCain.

Q: Hey, did you hear they're remaking The Love Boat? Guess who's sharing a bunk ?

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I'm a pw regular, and left my thoughts on Darleen's post, at the post.

You who posted that visual abomination of a handgun should stay away from any percussive weapons, methinks, including the aforementioned .22 exception comes to mind...

Keep your volleys downrange, please. )

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I think there are more effective ways to communicate the message. Accordingly, this is less a critique than an exhortation from someone in the next foxhole to consider using another gun.Ummm, from your foxhole you're doing a fine job I'm sure, with that .22 rimfire short single shot.

Darleen had launched a cruise missile from hers, though. Sorry about the repercussive backsplash. Keep clutching those pearls; everything will work out for you~!