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Go home, you two. You're both drunk.

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Ah, yes. The ATG's. Hopefully this time I won't be plagued by equipment problems like I was last year. Have been drawing on and off since last year, so hopefully this will help put me back into shape.

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Been a while since I last commented on comics.

#! Twilight and Shining simply spending time together. Always heartwarming

#2 Please tell me I'm not the only one that initially figured Fluttershy as some kind of cold-blooded murderer.

#3 Of course Wildfire's cute! That guy was somehow immune to cute. We need more test subjects! Any volunteers?

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Hard to tell what it'll be. But I'll definitely be paying attention tomorrow.

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I do believe at one point, we were told we were gonna get some more backstory for Princess Celestia & Luna. And with Twilight having been newly coronated, maybe it'll serve as not only some insight into their past, but also as a warning as to what wanting power can do to a pony. Not to say Twilight would go rogue. She's got a good head on her shoulders, as well as good friends to (at least try to) keep her in check when she does go screwy. Or it could even be a dream; a deep fear that she could succumb to evil and become another Nightmare moon. But I'd vouch for the backstory theory.

Of course, we have no way of knowing until the season takes to the air, so HURRY UP SEASON!!!

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Both great songs that I enjoy listening to, as well as equally well done PMVs. I'd have to give the edge to "Wide Awake" however. It's the "cooler" of the two songs, if cool can be used to describe dubstep. Plus, it had a full video to go along with it. Not to say "Sleep" wasn't well done. It did a good job of capturing the "fiery" bass drop portion. It just didn't have a full video.

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Mmmmmmaybe. ;)

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Maybe just insurance that Rainbow would win? Not that it would happen. We all know Pinkie is coming away victorious. ;)

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I wonder who'll get my vote. Hmm...

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Talk about colorful. If only I wasn't so squeamish about wearing contacts. I think I'll just stick with my glasses.