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I'm confused. Why would someone try to take out this blog?

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Wait, 'extended' version?

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Only now do I realise that the only claim this advert makes is that a Milky Way weighs less than a truck.

Also, well done on making a coherent sentence out of tags that still works when they're alphabetised.

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It's also worth checking if the show's available as a podcast.

I say this because the other day I got a sketch on Newsjack and wondered if I could record it from iPlayer before I remembered I was already subscribed to the podcast. Not a good sign. (I mean, Newsjack? Really?)

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I'd like to see someone on a plinth in full Doctor getup pointing a sonic screwdriver at the sky and making cryptic remarks about some ship that's meant to be up there.

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Stand perfectly still for 40 minutes then burst into 'Never Gonna Give You Up'.

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I think I've done maybe one of those. But hell, apparently zero is impressive, so I guess Rowan Williams is a hardcore atheist.

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I think it depends to an extent what the religious billboards say. Some of them contain explicit threats or unsupported condemnations of entire groups, and while I'm not sure where the line should be drawn, drawing it between there and an atheist billboard is not hypocritical (unless you're for some reason in the habit of erecting threatening and discriminatory atheist billboards).

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I'm glad Twitterfeed caught this and tweeted it for you. There's no way that could cause problems.

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Or 'There's a phone ringing in your pocket. Something in happening in the world'.