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Another psycho Israeli posing as an American.

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Hopefully they go back to their role of posing a credible threat to Israel and thus keep those loonies there in line so they stop rattling their sabres about attacking Iran and exploding the price of oil. They have cost us all far too much for far too long.

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The burnt Christian Palestinians?

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Exactly what those in the alternative media (just so you know, this place is NOT alternative media) predicted.

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I am SO SICK of the media, in a desperate-sounding attempt to sound "hip", harp on Facebook and Twitter. You hear it on NPR a lot. I don't know of anyone who uses Twitter and only a few who use Facebook. I don't use either. And I don't plan to.

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You mean like how they try to make the acts of homeless somehow representative of the OWS movement?

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Only reason we give them aid is because we give aid to Israel. End it to BOTH and save TONS of money!

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If your only defense is attacking Obama (as if I care) then you are hopeless.

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Once again the US is the laughing stock of the world as we let Israel tell us what to do. Russia and China will soon be the real powers.

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LOL! But don't laugh - the GOP is "reaching out" for their support with Cain.