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Some call this race "human".

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So much media - the overwhelming majority is simply propaganda. One just has to recognize this. In many instances deliberately omitting information to prevent the increasing dumbed-down proletariat, I mean "public" from knowing, thus in turn curving thought, curving society. It's very effective. It still amazes me as to all the supposedly informed sheeple, I mean people I speak with who have no clue whatsoever about specific events.

Here's an example that for some crazy reason is not being published. I wonder why..................

ps: I wonder if the PC Gestapo on this supposedly conservative website who censor me all the time due to my absolute candor will strike this................?

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This is going to be used by the Republicans come election time, right?

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Great gal. Obviously great parents. Thanx mom and dad. Thank you beyond words.

Sweetheart, stay the course throughout your life, pick your friends v. carefully. Maintain your integrity, your strength. How fortunate you are to have such great parents who have instilled within you a sense of propriety, decency, goodness, integrity and honesty. The world is better because of such qualities. You do make a difference.

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I'm not from Michigan, therefore most certainly not from McCotter's district. But, McCotter is most thankfully one of a good number of public servants, in this case the House of Representatives, who go about their duties and service to their constituents, district and their sworn oath unto the Constitution with dignity, humility, integrity, honesty, never calling attention to themselves, never grandstanding for themselves and ONLY themselves, never voting in a manner that violates the Constitution as sadly is the case with one representative who has successfully (tragically) fooled many gullible conservatives with his grandstanding side show.

Small wonder his eulogy was so dignified. Learn from this, remember this.

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Clear to see in this footage that Andrew demanded the truth. Thank you Andrew. He exposed the lies and the hypocrisy. Once again, thank you. As he said to the gathered masses before him who, like sheep, bought into their paucity of truth ridden mantra and referenced the remark, "Truth is a trap". It most certainly can be when ignorance and lies - hypocrisy has light - the truth shone upon it.

Sadly, many on the right are living a lie, carrying forward hypocrisy. Not to parenthetically disparage the left, but it breaks my heart when I see those who claim they are good conservatives look the other way in the face of lies, embrace fraudulent individuals (demigods) carrying out fraudulent acts and open hypocrisy. Yes, such actions and patholigies are not exclusive to the left, the right has some real residents frauds, too. The best thing any of you could do for Breitbart, all the more yourselves and this nation as true conservatives is to absolutely demand the truth, both within yourself and others. To be of true character, integrity. To (dare to) see the frauds within the conservative camp who are simply using same as a prop in making you believe as they scheme and lie through their teeth that they are remotely honest and not about anyone other than their insatiably megalomaniac selves, grandstanding each and every day, using feel good conservative sound bites to sway a gullible group of conservatives their way.

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Watch for the darling liberals to make, at a minimum, not so veiled celebratory remarks, especially in the weeks to come.

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Lysol check.

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Once again, apologies Breitbart PC GESTAPO CENSORS for my remarks that you yet again censored which DID NOT compliment Caliph Obama, Wasserman - Schultz and the junta in the White House, their cronies in Congress.

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If I were (Mitt) Romney, I'd make certain his father's "Great for '68" poster was never displayed. Ever. Period.

Mitt's father, George Romney was born in MEXICO, not in the United States or a U.S. Territory, therefore in violation on that codicil regarding Article II, Section I. The same Article and Section that Sam Wowbama is in violation of, above all, Obama's father being a foreign national - a citizen of Kenya and the British government - another violation for eligibility as both parents must be American citizens, either through birth or naturalization therefore extending to the child "natural born" status.....................

In the interim, spin it Debbie, spin it....................