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The price of oil had skyrocketed, and US interests throughout the region were increasingly threatened.

Yes, the price of oil has skyrocketed because Israel greedily steals land. WE are paying for this.

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Funny how no mention is made of how many of the Palestinians were CHRISTIAN. No, that doesn't work well when your ilk are trying to hoodwink other Christians in to siding with you ( only New-Agey Christians care about Jews - real Christians who know their Bible oppose them). Then a bunch of Jew terrorists like the Irgun showed up and pushed the Christians off their land in Palestine and blew up things like Hotels and kidnapped and murdered Brit soldiers. Tell the real story - it doesn't fit your narrative.

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Gingrich's repulsive level of Zionism ensures an Obama re-election. Once again we see this FOREIGN cabal working within our midst for their OWN interests and not the interests of America - why would they - they aren't American. They are Israelis like Glick here. More people than ever are sick and tired of these troublesome welfare louts that live off our tax dollars in Israel. They have too much time on their hands which is why they start fights by stealing land.

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We spend a lot of money on crony capitalism on the MILITARY Industrial complex in the NAME of defense but last I checked we had 20+ MILLION foreigners who have invaded our country and NOTHING is being done about it. I say ZERO out the "defense" budget until each one is rounded up and physically BOOTED out of this country. Until then we will all have a great deal more money in our own pockets - that is what any real conservative would want. Our military isn't defending anything except 1) itself, 2) the elites in government and 3) your husband's exclusive country-club nation called "Israel" where they keep out the "undesirables" (non-Jews) and live off our tax dollars.

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Frustrating for Americans. Americans want someone who will represent them - not be some puppet for Israel like Perry and Newt.

I guess you are getting 4 more years of Obama.

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You guys really stick together. Talking up "Levin" and mentioning "Rabbi." Take your foreign mindset and go to Israel.

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Your land? Where is that?

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GOP: where Homosexuals and non-Whites are recruited and Whites shunned - just the Democrat Party 30 years behind. Just look at the Democrat Party today and realize where the moribund GOP is headed.

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Apparently you don't know the definition of appeasement. It is a danger when you parrots try to use the term....

Muslims are invading no land. Israel is invading land.