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epic funny comment.

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I don't think anyone is arguing that Creasy is a perfect representation of Jesus, or even that that those that made the film necessarily intended this to be a Messianic theme.

However, I think there is a lot of value in looking at our cultural output (film. music, literature, etc) and finding bridges to the gospel. That's what Jon has done here and I think he's done it masterfully.

Revenge is very much a Godly characteristic, provided that it is God dealing the justice and not man. I think that's why revenge stories resonate so deeply with people. We have a longing for justice in us that only Jesus can satisfy. God is a God of justice. He will make all things right. But, he does it by emptying all of his wrath on one man (Jesus) for us. So, I'd argue that violence and revenge are very much themes that have deep parallels to the gospel.

Again, I'm not saying that this movie character is a perfect representation of Jesus, just that I don't think he has to be in order for us to learn from and be moved by the themes Jon brings up.

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Yep. I'm totally with you. There is no good in us that could deserve any good that He does for us.

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Signing? That's the 80's metro worship leader. Lyrical dance/sign language as you sing.

... best typo ever... ;-)

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LOL! Hilarious.

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Yeah, this can help your business and the tools are free. This video might help you.

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Oh, I think it would do a lot for business.  Facebook offers some really smart advertising options as well.  It's impressive how finely you can target a demographic with their advertising options. 

Not to mention just using Twitter to promote the business.  It's not so much a matter of knowing what to do anymore.  It's knowing what NOT to do that's tricky.  Filtering all the options down to what is most effective, both socially and business-wise.

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This says it better than I did. i wish I had thought of this analogy to explain my issues with the book.

Check it out:

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Feels like I just got punched in the face by The Don (Mears) himself. At least I'll remember the experience long after I leave the site...

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Thanks, Lanette. We're trying to raise the bar some concerning our idea of what christian community can be. I think when it's all about the rules and not about Jesus, you end up with articles like the one you mentioned in the N&O. Really, I think this all comes down to a worship issue.