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Hi Skye, thanks for dropping a note. I totally agree with you. The iPhone app needs more functionality. When we do get to enhancing the app, we will post the update here.

Thanks again!

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Thanks for dropping by the blog JAB!

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Yea, I think it really comes down to purpose. If it's to advertise in some way then the school must get permission from the parents. If it's just to share with parents what's going on then that's another story. There are multiple tools and multiple applications for posting photos. All that being said, it's quite crazy to think about how many photos there are of children these days floating around the internets and what those "sick-o's" could do with them.

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Thanks Ken. You rock to :).

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Hey Ken. Indeed the idea behind Tags is that it is a categorization feature. So you can tag those files with 2011 Annual Meeting and a link will be created in the sidebar. When clicked, it will filter the list of files shown to only those tagged.

Tagging is a bit more flexible than directories/folders because you can have multiple tags on a file (versus just being in one folder). The tradeoff is of course the fact that tags aren't quite as familiar as directories/folders.

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Not confusing at all Jay.

You can always edit an event and add more people to be reminded. Simply click on the event in the hub calendar and in the popup bubble, just click the blue Edit button. The list of hub members will be viewable and it will reflect the members that you've already chosen to receive to the reminder. Simply check the box beside any additional names.

Go give it a try! And email me if you have any additional questions.

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Trey indeed! ;-). Thanks for stopping by Frank. I hope all is well in Nyack.

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When/if you share them somewhere else, let me know. Thanks Gordon!

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Gregg...very insightful stuff here! Uh...wanna join our product development team? Great feature enhancements for MemberHub.

Thanks for the kind words!

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Thanks to all of you who participated in the giveaway! It's been great getting to know Paul and the OurChurch team. What a fabulous resource this is. We also look forward to meeting the rest of you guys...especially you Nancy!

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