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I haven't had problems, but my traffic level is so low hackers don't bother.

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Mika: Thanks for stopping by. -- Dawn

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Thank you, Liza for stopping by. May you remember to treat yourself to those fresh flowers.

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Thanks for stopping by. I bet you are glad you took those opportunities while you had them. I'm still learning to.

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Thanks Seth... I am fairly new to all this too, but I've jumped in and committed myself to "be a student of the issue" as Greg Russinger counseled me. Would love to talk further about this prior to IdeaCamp Vegas... - Dawn

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Thank you for stopping by... I just recently discovered Serena's blog. Love it! May you walk this week with that curiosity that keeps you in wonder and awe. It is a good place. Dawn.

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Thanks Lori. You inspire me.

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I believe I've been hit by a Commenting Ninja. Thanks Jim. Your ninja mask cannot fool me....I know it's you.

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I want to attend ECHO because....

Creativity happens, as Dave Gibbons says, at points of intersectional thinking; it occurs when we get outside of our box and mix it up with those from outside our norm. My understanding is that ECHO represents the most creative, missional, new media types... the brightest lights in the church creativity landscape. What better non-insider to have milling about than a mini-van driving mom from Riverside, CA. I represent the epitome of uncool.

OK, I've been known to organize a tweetup or two, but don't let that get out. It'll ruin my image. ;-)

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You just rock. Thank you for sharing your gift of photography to communicate what needs to be communicated.

(I sent your link to these pics to my friends in Phnom Penh, Matt & Heather Allan. They are with InnerChange, a Christian order among the poor.)