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It's definitely something that takes work to make happen. I think that's why God made such a big deal about the Sabbath. He knows that we HAVE to rest - on purpose, not just rest because there's nothing to do - rest BECAUSE there's so much to do!
Happily we're not bound to any law, so you're not going to come into judgement for not resting, but I think God knows you need it, so He will help you find a way to win the battle for solitude.

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In the winter, my solitude comes in the form of hot English Breakfast tea, curled up on the couch with a blanket and the Bible, with a lamp behind me. In the summer, it's a bottle of Sam Adams Summer Ale on the back deck at sundown. It's interesting how the hot drink in the winter and the cold drink in the summer help me get to a place of focus and stillness.

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Thanks for getting this going, Ben. You know, Jesus always went to where the people were who needed him, and He didn't demand that they change anything except their hearts. Those people who don't want to come to church, or even be approached by an evangelistically-minded Christian will attend an online church meeting BECAUSE of the anonymity! That's awesome! I think we as the Church should be using this, and not just talking about it. I can totally envision some hacker in his mom's basement finding an online church at 2:00 am after playing World of Warcraft for hours, and deciding to check out the online service because the graphics are cool, and he's bored. Then, BAM - the Holy Spirit convicts him, and he responds! If there's someone online to take his questions, that hacker could get saved right there in front of his computer.

How cool would it be then for him to get connected with a group of young guys in his area that also attend that same online church, and maybe he could even end up simultaneously attending a brick & mortar church in his area.

This would be a great tool for church networks too - the network could start an online church, and give all of it's members connections at member churches in their area. It's something that could facilitate a level of unity in the Body of Christ that would not have been dreamed of five years ago.