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Sorry, but this whole article was a bit reaching. I am never ashamed to tell anyone that I am a reformed Liberal now uber-Conservative, anti-abortion, TEA-Partay-in middle aged woman who was raised in a politically soft "pro-choice" home and not once did I see the walkers in the barn as "fetus'". This article has it all mixed up, if Conservative = Gun toting, not afraid to take down an enemy types, then why all the shooting at the end of the show by what this writer claims are "Liberal" types? When Sofia emerged at the end was when it all struck a nerve for me. As a mother, could I stand by as someone executed my daughter? Probably not. The next shot heard would have been me putting a gun to my own head. But Rick, soft, kind hearted, still thinks the world can go back to normal Rick, marched right over and did his duty and offed what was left of poor Sofia. All the while, if you watch his face, Hershel seems not anguished by the shooting gallery before him, but instead seems to have some light of recognition and realization that he was wrong to hang onto what he felt were still his loved-ones. A difficult place for any physician I am sure after pledging to "first and foremost, do no harm." I think this episode spoke more about human nature in general than about abortion, and it seems almost laughable to try to politicize and polarize it in one direction or the other.

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Bill Maher = Small penis. Now if we would all simply ignore this bit of flotsam, he may just fade away.

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What I don't get is why any of this matters. We, the American people, allowed a sitting president to lie to us, then finally admit that he had sexual relations outside of his marriage...why should this matter? Why did it ever matter that Sarah Palin may or may not have had sexual relations with a black man prior to her marriage? Why do we put up with this same slander over and over by the main stream media? Time to storm the gates, cancel subscriptions and contracts and show them that we're not going to take it anymore!

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Jimmy who?

Michelle Bachman is a class act who will be known for many years to come.

Strange how nobody has mentioned the obvious misogynistic connection to how similarly the media treated Sarah Palin. I have never heard of a male politician/leader being treated in the same manner except for the clods at Obama's coronation.

I suppose we powerful women should take all this as a compliment. Apparently the only way men can deal with our greatness is to TRY and humiliate us as if we were on the playground.. This strategy is obviously not working. lol.

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Chris who?

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Greg, I was disheartened the other night to hear that you are married. I had wondered all this time what your predilection was really for and found you incredibly sexy because I never knew quite where you stood. One night I would be left thinking you were interested in various sundry animals that appear in video montage on your show, while other nights I was pretty sure you swung with the NAMBLA-esqe sort of crowd who preferred their prey to be shirtless and over the age of 18, all the while I was getting this sexy straight guy vibe that always melded into sexy gay guy vibe. It must have been my ADD that found you most attractive as I look back on all that you have been to me. Sadly, my crush has been crushed by your ordinary-ness. But hey, all that aside...congrats on the anniversary!

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Although Leno appears to be unbiased when it comes to his political humor (as lame as it is) I hope you all understand that he is an avowed Liberal. (Jay Leno says, “I’m not conservative. I’ve never voted that way in my life.”) Not sure if that matters to any of you, but once I found out that information, I was done trying so desperately to find at least one laugh in his nightly monologue; Leno is so unbelievably unfunny it's almost funny. Like another commentor mentioned...forget about TV, pick up a book, read something worthwhile on the internet...anything but give these idiots more attention than they deserve.

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I know this is just the most awful think I could ever say, but here goes: How is it that such a bloated piece of human garbage hasn't had a big fat heart attack yet? I always think of John Candy and how he was taken from all of us way too soon because of his inability to control his weight. Must be that old saying...Only the good die young. Sadly I guess Michael will be around long past most of us.

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I thought that "" stunk more than Watergate too. People were talking "impeachable offense", etc., but where is that now? Hidden like this situation will be too. Obama and his minions have it all worked out. ACORN can be easily shooed away just like he got rid of Reverend Wright and the Bill Ayers connections. With all of these Czars, there are no more checks and balances. Then again, checks and balances haven't been a stronghold in Washington, D.C. since Reagan was in office.

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So this is what network "newscasters" have come to? Charlie baby doesn't have a clue. Danny boy makes stuff up and now is suing CBC for making him a scapegoat. Katie the Kewpie doll wins awards all the while hiding her fangs dripping with venom while tearing into the only person who was actually qualified to be president last time around. Is it any wonder I haven't watched the "main" news networks in years?