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Same here in SW PA..would have loved to have seen it though.

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They are just walking across the southern border with all the other illegals......

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None of the atempted plane bombers boarded their planes in the US so exactly what are these "pat downs" suppsed to prevent again?

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Repealing this piece of garbage should be FIRST on the agenda.

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Thanks for all you do to bring this out into the light Andrew et al. Stay safe!

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Seriously. How much more do they think we the people can take?

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I think I'll stick to what those of us who reside in the real world outside the DC beltway have known for quite a while.....we are in DEEP DOO DOO. While the Obama's prepare for yet another week of black tie galas and parties, we the humble taxpayers are hanging on by our fingernails. Their "Let Them Eat Cake" attitude along with the Blame Game they have been playing since day one are not helping.

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Why is it always conveniently left out of the left's talking points that the Democrats have controlled Congress since 2006. The Republicans do not have the numbers to stop any of this nonsense. Dems are the ones (Dodd, Franks, & Co.) who insisted that mortgages be given to all and relaxed all the rules.

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I will never forget those who had to make the unbelievable choice to jump to their deaths or be burned alive. You rarely see that footage. Prayers for all of us today.

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SSSHHHHHH. They are cooking up the next big scare. They are just waiting for a good "sky is falling" moment to launch it.

Seriously, if Sebilius is for it, then I am against it.