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The verse states that "invisible qualities" have been "clearly seen", which is an obvious contradiction. The 4G network is invisible and therefore can't be seen -- clearly or otherwise -- though its effects are apparent if you have the right equipment. Eternal power and divine nature, however, have not been "clearly seen". Creationists may argue that with the right equipment (or mindset) these qualities can be inferred, but that's still not "clearly seen".

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How does quitting smoking relate to this particular episode of Skepticule?

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Buying academic essays may not be illegal, but it's still cheating, and therefore ultimately counter-productive. (Cf adultery.)

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Anjana, the post you link to appears (after auto translation from Hindi) to be about magnetism and miracles, with no particular relevance to "divine hiddenness" as far as I can tell.

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Thanks for commenting, but please don't post a bare link without some indication of how it relates to the contents of this particular episode of Skepticule.

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It always has been. When asked, they'll say they're just following where the evidence leads, but that's an attempt to circumvent the separation of church and state. It also shows they don't (or refuse to) understand how science works. In my experience their insistence on acceptance of an "intelligent creator", without specifying anything about that creator, is just a front. When that front slips, as it frequently does, Jesus-God can be seen right behind it.

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If that's the case Andy, how do you explain why the sham (aka not real) acupuncture used in the trial mentioned in the clip produced the same results as the "real" acupuncture? The research indicates that "real" acupuncture is nothing more than expensive theatrics, because cheap theatrics produce the same results.

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The book is a pathetically disappointing attempt to bolster Christian belief with superficial arguments that don't stand up to logical analysis. I had expected something substantial given the book's title, but the majority of the "50 arguments" rely on unsubstantiated scripture, or special pleading.

Glad you liked the article though.

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It's just not absolutely deterministic (ie. if you re-ran the events again, they could come up with a different decision/outcome).
It may not be absolutely deterministic, but it's not free will either, as there would be no control over what random number was generated.

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I'll keep them down to one post per hour, if that'll help.

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