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Angie, these are the events that separate mythology from personal responsibility. I know you'll do the responsible and humane thing and demonstrate the true power of humanity.

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Nice job, Angie. This is another in a long line of promises to reveal the true evidence of divinity. How often we hear them, only to get yet another dose of fallacy du jour. And haven't all these fallacies been recycled into oblivion by now?

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I guess I'm going to have to blog on this subject as well. It's getting plenty of attention, but then, you really can't give it too much attention. This kind of nonsense needs to stop. Where are the moderate voices in religion and conservatives? Is character assassination and death threats the only political commentary they know?

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I just happened to remember this. How many dog trainers recommend hitting your dog when they misbehave? So, it's ok to hit a child, but not a dog?

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Dude, she did reference at least one study, even though it was only a meta-analysis. There is more than just anecdotal evidence here. And as even you pointed out, every kid is different. Some kids likely won't be affected by mild spanking, but some will and you have no way of knowing which one your child is. Both of my daughters have very tender emotions. I can scold them with nothing but a disapproving look. But I have two nephews that you almost have to send to jail to get them to stop talking back. But at the age of 2, that's not apparent. I don't advocate laws against spanking because I agree they are not enforceable, but I do tend to agree that spanking is one of the worst forms of punishment available to a parent. There are plenty of other techniques that work if you use them consistently. For that matter, spanking works no better than anything else if used inconsistently or erratically. Parenting kids is about consistently setting expectations and enforcing rules when those expectations aren't met.

What I find most disgusting are red neck, god-lovers who insist that spanking and only spanking (beating, really) is the one and only effective way to parent a child. Pure bunk.

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I personally do not buy this story. For starters, I have personal, anecdotal, evidence. I've seen a biting child and biting him back did not help. Further, I doubt you were around your child 100% of the time, so you likely don't know that your child continued to bite someone, just not your wife or you. I think what you did was brutal and frightening to your child. It likely just reinforced a notion that violence should always be met with more violence. Biting is a stage many kids go through and as a parent, you really have to just wait it out and keep the biting kid off other children until they figure it out. It's hilarious that you think you "cured" him by biting him back. Dude, there are books that prove you wrong on that.

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It's pathetic, Angie. They think they're doing this great and wonderful thing for safety, when it's really just about exclusivity and fear. My kids got to meet and greet more neighbors last night than they do all year long. They love the section of our neighborhood where retired folk live because they tend to give out full size candy bars. To top it off, we had people handing out cider and a "dead body parts" box at the club house for kids. Trunk or treat is a sham unless you live on skid row. If people don't trust their neighbor to hand out candy then they should consider moving.

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This dude is a Spammer. He's leaving this drek on every blog he visits. I would ban him if it was my blog.

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One of the most outrageous, yet subtle, attacks Christians are pulling these days is "trunk or treat", where they all meet up at church and have trick or treat in the parking lot. Their reasoning? It's a controlled and safe environment. They know everyone there and don't have to worry that someone has poisoned their candy or that there's a sex offender at the door. Folks, I know church members who have been convicted of molesting younger members *in the church*!!! And every case of candy tampering I'm aware of was actually the work of a family member. So what we really have here is paranoid Christians scaring people into relinquishing yet another community activity in the 0.0001% chance that their kid might get hurt. Talk about fear mongering!

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Why did my car break down two days after my warranty ran out? Why did Spongebob Squarepants appear on my toast this morning? If you look closely enough, you can imagine reasons and patterns almost anywhere.