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Obvious older age-bracket love for this episode aside, younger ones would have liked this too.

I'm thinking of my favourite cartoons as a kid, and if an episode's plot deviated from the main characters as much as this 100th mlp did, I would still remember it to this day as an *interesting episode* of *insert-series-here".

Being different and (courageously ?) moving away from the stock methods of using main characters to carry the story wouldn't have gone over the heads of younger viewers.

Very well done!! It was an incredible shout out in so many ways (TARDIS Doctor Whooves confirmed!!) and kept itself true to its target, child audience.

THAT was story writing. 100/10.

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Well for all the hype the G1 Smooze carried, I did expect more.
Watching the Smooze this episode was like using IBM's Deep Blue to play hopscotch.

That said, if it wasn't for expectations the episode wasn't *that* bad.
Tree Hugger and Maud cameos helped it along.

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Tear that wall...!! Tear that wall...!!
1, 2, 3, 4,
Together we can tear that wall!
1, 2, 3, 4

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That's awesome.
Thankyou for that!

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No linky to Hax Mega's stream??

And the chat dialogue with episodes are uploaded to Daily Motion.

Because, c'mon... the chat dialogue is just as good as the episode itself!!

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Ha! I always knew Rarity was an 80's / 90's girl!
I know the tweet said 1990's, but I can always see Rarity fitting in with the 80's. Flashdance, legwarmers....

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Hooo wee!! Just like Applejack Engineer ;-)

Ahem. I would love to see PonyconAU.
I've never met another Brony in person, any Bronies living on the other side of the country in Perth wanting to make the trip?

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Just remember !
Above all else.... keep Weird Al away from Pinkie Pie!!!
Can you image the horror (or hilarity ?)

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Fluttershy the something-with-hands-that-would-get-Lyra-jealous ?

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I read this a while back and it is one of 
my favourite one-shots.

Mixing it up with MLP canon now.... could Fluttershy's self-confessed ability to communicate with animals (explained in cutie mark episode) be due to the fact that she is a Changeling?

As changelings can assume different forms, would it be fair to say they can also pick up the languages - as would be required?

Or perhaps I'm thinking too hard..... Trying to see how this story could fit with canon. But an interesting thought nonetheless.