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Oh, so the coin, the flower, freaking boneless, all were the epitome of friendship?
It's not about the item, it's about the gesture. Though I have to agree, the book could have been nice.
As for the rest: None of those fit the definition of deus ex machina. Considering in this very episode we see Tirek suck magic from ponies, it's not a big leap to have the alicorns be able to give said magic up by themselves. We've seen Tirek and the Princesses themselves opening portals to Tartarus, so why wouldn't the box magic be able to do that?
As for the treehouse: There was a damn good reason that it was destroyed. A whole lot of people got sad about it, saying that we lost a part of the show. Well, that was the point.
Never before has a villain actually taken something from the mane 6 permanently. Tirek did. He took Twilight’s home. We have lost something that we never thought we would lose. It’s not quite Joss Whedon level, but it was painful, and it did well to show just how much of a danger Tirek was.

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It's not so much that he's negative about it, it's his opinion and I can respect someone having a different opinion. It's his attitude. He presents his review as the absolute truth, and whoever disagrees is just not as smart as he is.

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Thanks for telling me, because I would never have figured that out on my own. I was searching for some kind of portal all over the map. I even broke the map by double jumping from the wall meat upwards and to the left.

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Alright, uh... Anyone knows how to get odd socks? Been searching for some kind of portal or somesuch and can't find anything. Got all the other achievements, but this one eludes me.

Great game by the way.

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I believe I will stop watching Digi and Curious's reviews, because so far, I believe I have disagreed with every single one of them this season. Personally I think they read too deeply into what still is and always was a fun show for kids. The entire world building and epic laser fights is cool, but I care way more about the comedy than the canon.
It's fine that its different with those guys, just not my can of beer is all.

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Well, the Trixie variety thing worked, didn't it?
Apart from that, I smell a storyline incoming. Quite excited about the whole mother/grandmother conflict here.

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Rainbow Dash is the most fun character to play for sure.

Well, after a night's sleep, I tried again, and got it down in half an hour. Burned through 3 E-Tanks for the second form of mecha discord, but eh. Real Discord was super easy in comparison, as you can just stand behind him to the right and never get hit.

All in all, I still feel like the timing could be a bit easier, as it took me about 2 hours whole to get it down perfectly, but eh. It was quite a triumph when I finally won, so that's ok.

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Out of interest, by complete do you mean with all mane 6?

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I know the creator posts here, but I doubt anyone else will still read this...
Regardless, has anyone actually beaten the game with Rainbow Dash? Because it's pretty much impossible. The Dash cancel timing is way too precise, and in the first Discord fight you get 4 hits for both forms while you have to perform a perfect dash cancel 25 times. Which is completely insane. Fighing that form without any sort of range is pretty much impossible as far as I'm concerned. Also great: You take more damage from the mecha thing than from the bolt shots, which means that as Dash, with no range, you get less hits than any other character while having to do the hardest possible thing. I've tried for about an hour and a half to beat him, because I'm pretty sure second form would be pretty easy, but I'm giving up now.
Khao, if you read this, I'd strongly consider increasing the invincibility frames on Rainbow Dash, or make the dash cancel easier to use.

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I'm ok with playfully riffing on people, that's completely fine. This doesn't feel like good-natured making fun of people, and more like actually insulting them. It's also, in my personal opinion, not very funny. Meh.