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This is awesome Jon! Nice work!

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Testing Replies

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Chris, I really liked this. Not sure if you've written about it, but curious to know your thoughts on the Delicious acquisition by the YouTube founders...?

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I think the TechStars Boulder advantage is still a mystery to the YC crowd. While both programs are good, TechStars Boulder is a big fish in a smaller pond and a closer knit community. I'm certain the experience is equally positive with YC, but maybe in a different way.

From a networking perspective, there is some overlap. It is hard to argue there isn't an equally large network at TechStars. Many reported that the recent TechStars NY demo day was the best demo day they ever attended. The bottom line is that anyone considering both programs should speak with alumni to see which is a better fit.

Frankly, I am not one for rankings as everyone's experience is different no matter which incubator they select. I am sure you can find just as many happy YC alums as you can TechStars. Select the incubator you like based on your own circumstance, not a ranking.

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I needed this post about a year ago. Thanks. BTW, ID looks great on your blog. I like your style.

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You got it! Good stuff.

It is a whole new way to think about benefits and perks.

Keep sending rounds down range....

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You bet. Just another way to think about it.

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I think "Illuminate" is the perfect word because that is exactly what the SA initiative ought to do. I think people hear the $2B price tag and think all that money is going into the groups associated with the initiative, when it is not.

To take your "Open Source" analogy a bit further, I think there are Brad Feld's and David Cohen's in every city. Some might not write blogs, or have twitter handles, but maybe they are President of the successful local bank or are currently giving their time through S.C.O.R.E. Mimicking what TechStars has done in Boulder, Seattle, Boston, and now New York can be done in every city. It doesn't have to be siloed into one industry like Tech. Maybe in North Carolina it can be furniture, in West Virginia it can be mining, or in New Orleans it could be oil drilling/refinining. There are all sorts of possibilities.

Keep it up!

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This is epic. thumbs up.

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The fact that the sculptor was killed in the making of the horse makes it all the more freaky.

What freaks me out more is the weird indian chanting over the loud speaker upon entering the Frontier concourse after getting through security.