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Great job guys! Way to do it your way!

14 years ago @ Jasbone's Thoughts - iPad – The Anti-... · 0 replies · +1 points

Jasbone, you are an angry nerd :-) I disagree. I think the iPad has the possibility to transcend the Internet of today. I think media based apps are much more engrossing than the state of html or flash. I am in agreement that the iTunes mechanism for importing data is wack, but I actually like the app store model effectively creating a perimeter defense around viruses, etc. Plus an economic model for developers is pretty cool.

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Worst thing about the Ipad? As usual iTunes....

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I kind of a fan of just clear cutting all the lodgepole pines in summit county. It will all grow back and we don't have to look at it anymore.

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Good post Brad. I think its important to educate board members a bit about things the company has learned in the last 6 weeks (market, partners, etc). Agree that most of the meeting should be spent talking about strategic or forward looking issues. I don't agree about the one slide meeting simply for the reason that most venture board members take the materials and post them to a share or send them around via email. I like the slides to be a little more self describing so they stand alone to some degree.

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Great post Bill.
There is definitely a theme to your plan of attack with entrepreneurship.
What types of companies or markets would make you go to the Venture Dark side?

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I have a Pogo plug and I have to say its awesome. Put simply, I hate services that rely on my home computer A) being on, or B) working. I'm a huge believer in standalone IP connected devices like PP or Sonos, or NAS drives, or Slingbox, etc. I hate my entire home infrastructor being tied to the uptime of my windows box. Thats a nonstarter.

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Thanks for the support Brad! Its going to be a great event.

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Love the new site ! Waaaaaaaay better, I think I understand what you guys do :-)

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As the supplier of that data I can tell you it doesn't work for everyone at the board level.

When its someone that 1) wants to see that level of detail, and 2) can deal with day-to-day variations, I think this is awesome. On good days everyone knows it - On bad days everyone knows it. This doesn't replace monthly or quarterly data but for pulse on the business, nothing is better. We also do live TV screens in the office with hourly numbers to make sure everyone know exactly where we are.

Without this kind of thing its way to easy not to deal with things until the next board meeting packets gets produced.