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They're starting to agree with us, they're not #cruzBOTS anymore. They're actually are now #Trumpsters! I used to go there and noticed what #cruzBOTS they were and they WOKE UP! SHOCK! Maybe you should change your name or you might be able to post under charlesmoutain again. I know, I was banned there when they were #cruzBOTS.

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F-Off, #OBOT

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Still major problems with this website!!!!!

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I love you, Tula, but this website can't handle the code. Whatever BR should do.

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There's still problems with this website. Please quit posting all of those FRICKIN' videos (you know who you are)!

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Wendy, his US Citizen birth parent had to fill out a Form CRBA (Consular Report of Birth Abroad) by the time he was 18. They didn't claim US Citizenship for him. He's still a Canadian citizen, NOT a US Citizen. FACT.

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Breaking: #Cruz Tries to Delay TX Eligibility Lawsuit Until Elected, Then Congress Would Choose. via gatewaypundit

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Hi Kitty: I do not, but I do have his email address. You can also contact him ^^^^ in the headline is a Kontact dropdown. This website is still messed up, I think its because all of the video posts, I really wish people (you know who you are) wouldn't post so many damn videos! There's several people in particular that put up 5-8 posts of videos at the same time, SHEESH! Especially when we go to 2 pages of comments. My NEW computer shuts down all of the time with all of these videos. Love to you, Dear Kitty. You can DM me at Twitter @saskamare or on my FB page Saska Reagan. I will BLOCK any CREEP, OBOT or CRUZBOT!

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You guys need to heck out Gary Forbes! @gqforbes

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Tony, they got kicked off of YouTube because they're titled One Nation Under Fraud!