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The problem is that it was caught before the election, everyone was a wasssist for bringing it up.

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She looks so good in Orange.....

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Back when slick Willy was accused of having an affair with Monica, the liberal socialist State-Ran media and Dems went into overdrive to deny this fact and accuse everyone else as stupid.

After Slick Willy had to admit the facts as being true, the same came out and said it's all old news and more important issues to discuss? Remember?

Now I mention this for a good reason. When Obama leaves and begins to suddenly and on a regular basis visit mosques, what will they say? Yes, it'll be old news and more important matters are at hand to discuss - again...

And no, cameras will not be allowed inside to film him on his knees with his Sorry Ass pointing in the direction of Mecca...


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Obots claim it's his um, ah, ya, ah, I'm um yall, um uh, uh, intellenge stutter.

Problem is, experts claim it's Classic stupidity....

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Only 6 protesters arrested?


No, they should arrest each and every thug that has looted, set fire, make physical threats and sentence them to the maximum jail and prison time, make an example of them! Americans will no longer tolerate these thugs.

Serve the full 11-29 in jail for theft under 500 dollars and 1 to 5 years for theft over such according to law. For arson, even longer. Time to end this....

Just to add, I'm willing to bet that 80% of finger prints of these looting thugs are already on record and very easy to find...

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And something else,

Any politician, regardless of party, that accepts foreign money (VIA any 3rd, 4th or muliple parties) to run for office or profit, shall be charged and if found guilty serve no less than life in prison...

Any politician that uses accounting ruse to hide such donations, shall serve no less the same.

Time to send them to prison... same as they would any American Citizen.

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Interesting Texas Voter ID ruling, headed to Supreme Court.

How is it, that the libtard socialists agree that fictional voters have no possible way, or at the most, minimal opportunity to ever achieve many various means of a registered legal form of ID?

Honestly, you cannot apply for a job without a birth certificate and photo ID. You cannot obtain a social security card without the same. You cannot open a bank account or cash a welfare check without the same. You cannot apply for federal or state benefits without the same. You cannot get into HUD housing units, without the same. And much more. Basically these fictional voters live under a bridge, unknown and without name, but will show up on election day - according to the stupid.

But we are to believe these fictional individuals are disenfranchised because on polling day and voting day, they will magically show up and finally find a ride on one day in an entire year?

Or, does it have do with over 12 million non-citizens that are registered to vote illegally?

Obots know the answer to this, and agree with the disenfranchisement of the United States voting system, yet declaire themselves Americans and falsely proclaim they stand for a democratic election.

The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

Lastly, Congress needs to change the voter fraud punishment to no less than 11/29 in jail, served in full, not one day early to be released! Second offense after losing right to vote shall be no less than 3 years in prison. All conspired voter fraud individuals shall be sentenced to no less than 5 years in a federal Prison.

Easy to stop

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Multiculturalism is a FAILED World last ditch effort to salvage what's left of Marxism.

The Obots Demi-God Obama was their last great hope.

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Don't you hate it as I do?

Obots (and Libtards in particular) throw the race, sexist and discrimination card around as if they themselves are immune or exempt from such behaviors, they are not. In fact they are either in denial or ignorantly apply the terminalology to fit a square peg in a round hole to fit their political ideology.

I have always admitted that I discriminate nearly everyday in my life. Libtards declare that is wrong, really? I prefer Ford to Chevy and discriminate between the two when I decide to purchase a vehicle. Did I discriminate between the two? You damn right I did...

I prefer certain colors over others and do the same, I prefer certain house styles, I discriminate over certain geographic areas to reside in, I discriminate over certain furniture and even paintings. The list in near endless. Yes, I discriminate nearly every day.

I also am a sexist. I could have married a man, yet I choose a woman, therefore I am a sexist.

I also could have married a different race. Since I eliminated multiple other races and married who I was attracted too, I am a racist for not marrying an Asian, Hispanic, African-American, Indian and many others. Yes, that makes me a racist - according to Obot and Libtards.

So out of curiosity, aren't the libtards, by their own definition of labeling, racists, sexist and discrimative evil bastards as well? Or are they lying to themselves and need further mental help to understand their inner personal behavior?