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I am thrilled that I have done such a great job of concealing my identify from you, Con. My online identity is the fictitious being I created for my online self.

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Hello, and Good Riddance, Con,

I thought you were no longer going to post here and yet you are back?
I note that you have not acknowledged your inability to master the English language.

You're is an abbreviation of you are. Your (as you incorrectly submitted) is possessive-something that belongs to someone. I can analyze all of your other grammatical errors which appear on your other numerous posts. However, to do so is not worth my time.

You accuse me (a writer) of not being unable to write? White that what the kettle called me?
Yes I possess a PhD and no I am not the PhD your "research" has discovered me to be.

I use TOR and thus you have no earthly idea who I am or where on this planet I actually live.
Good luck discovering who I am. Do you really think my name is Deb? (a screen name that looks good with Dr)

I realize that you are employed by this takeover Communist regime. Thus, I shall not engage you any longer in conversation. To do shall so might provide DARPA with an IP address to track me.

Yes I am livid and buggered out that YOU steal credentials from those who have earned them. The fact that you STEAL a title that YOU have not earned proves that YOU are an Internet FRAUD just like the the man? you LOVE, BARRY SOETORO.

Furthermore, you warned us that you were gone from here. Yet you continue to divert our meaningful discussions with your posts. Why? Boring day/evening on your Sominex website?

You are NOT welcome on BR. You are an attempted identity thief fraud. You are also illiterate. During my career, I fire the likes of you because you are unable to communicate or to even get along with anyone.

Get thee out of here, Satan!

Too bad you are so low on the "food chain" that you will never be worth the effort when they come after all of the Marxist Communists. You shall die in disgrace, no one will notice or even care, and yes you you shall always remain Con Sominex to all of us who love America and what it used to be.

Go Away! Please leave this site. We do not go onto yours-(note the possessive, ignoramus?)

You are not welcome here.

Dr Deb

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Hillary+Huma and Bill Clinton...Bill is Not the Only One With a Taste For Young Interns

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I loved this!

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So glad to have you back, BR
You were missed.

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You're NOT your

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I totally agree with you.

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Seeing that Hellery has the goods on GWBush and Blair (Drudge via UK Mail) makes it appear a certainty that Hellery also has the goods on Barry via her email system. The Clinton Machine are so good at bribery, I wonder how long this Communist regime can keep the Barry related emails from being exposed.

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Arrest and Prosecute false "Dr Cospiracy" NOW.
WTP demand it!

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Dear Mike,

I think the world of you and of all you are attempting to do for our Republic.

I did my BEST to listen to this podcast. However, Con was like Sominex and the Sergeant was loud and shrill. During Con’s lengthy Sominex reply, I fell asleep.

I refuse to refer to Con as Dr.
He has not earned an MD or a PhD.
Con has NO right to post himself with a title he has not earned.
This Internet LIAR has NO credentials to do so.
Con figures if he does this on the Net, it is acceptable.
Con's lies are a reason that many of us do NOT believe what we read online.

He is just as dishonest as Barry Soetoro.
Con is an identity thief and a LIAR.

Good thing, WTP are onto this! Too bad it took so long.

Lying Con is the poster child for the wannabe take over of our Republic.
Lie about anything if it supports your LIE.

Con, Barry and all of his Commie buds are going down!

I really hope they nail Con. However, since he is a nobody and is so far down on the Communist food chain, he might escape charges.
Con needs to focus his attention on drumming up support for his website and exit here.

I am disgusted by his evil distraction.