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Yet he *is* on record with conflicting stories about WHICH hospital in Hawaii he was born at. Even Obama's official web sites (and snopes) had the WRONG birth hospital on it years into his presidency.

Also, in his "dreams..." book, he at one point mentioned seeing his birth certificate while in high school. Then, LATER, he describes a conversation he had with his half sister where they talk about how only ONE of their half-siblings, out of ALL of Barack Sr's biological children... has the papers to prove that he is Barack Sr's biological son... yet how is that possible if Obama's birther certificate that was in his mother's closet... matched the one released at

Then there is the pic at clearly he *is* on record changing stories about very BASIC facts about his history, posting fake family photos, etc.... he *is* quite the story teller.

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I really don't know for sure which of these is Obama's father (which theory is true)... but the evidence that Gibert shows where he puts photos of Obama and FMD side-by-side with the same pose and facial expression... and tries to say that they look ALIKE... that is laughable. You can find 100 RANDOMLY SELECTED black men on the street, take the five (out of 100) that look most like Obama, dig through their photos and match up the ones that match Obama's facial expressions and pose.. and ALL of them will look MORE like Obama than Gilbert's FMD photos. This isn't to say that I'm proving that FMD isn't Obama's father. I think that is a real possibility. But the resemblance simply isn't that significant. And resemblance along is a weak case-that the Gilbert fans use is as their main evidence shows how weak his case is. Also, you have to look past the pose and past the facial expressions.. and look at individual facial features... also ignoring those features which MANY blacks share. When you do that, Malcolm-X-as-father wins the "resemblance-as-proof" game by a wide margin. SEE:

(again, not saying that either theory is proven--and the danger of saying that one theory is proven when it is not--is that if that one theory is later proven wrong, and another happens to be true--if too many of us jumped on the wrong bandwagon, it damages the very much stronger case that Obama, regardless of who was his biological father, is a fraud and has faulty papers)

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I was kind of hoping the "universe shattering information" might have something to do with Michelle's anatomy. If the rumors are true, AND if that was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt in most peoples' minds... the resulting fallout would be far more entertaining and interesting than some boring PDF forgery. (regardless of the legal significance of such a forgery). But it seems like this article's references to "Universe-Shattering" info... points back to the forged BC, correct? (I guess I shouldn't hope for so much!)

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Except... Gallups didn't say "probably not born here".. he said "probably not FROM here"... which MIGHT not mean exactly the same thing?

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It doesn't require proving that Obama was born in another country, to prove that he is a fraud. There are multiple scenarios, all supported by solid evidence, where he has committed SOME type of felony identity theft, even if born in the US. However, if it were proven that he wasn't born on US soil, then he wouldn't even be a regular citizen because at the time he was born, his US citizen mother was too young to convey US citizenship upon him, according to the laws in place at that time. Therefore, he would be an illegal alien, if that were proven!

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If Hillary had to return every dishonest/corrupt dollar she ever received, and only kept her legit-earned dollars, she wouldn't be able to pay her filing fees either. She's have to return more money than she her net worth. People say they want 'regular people' with 'common sense' to pursue public service... and that they want to get rid of elitists... but we can't have it both ways... we can't have that... AND throw everyone overboard who isn't financially well off.

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Anyone seen Falcon lately? (I hope he is ok!)

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Earlier today, I posted a link to the "friends" section of Dylann Roof's FB page, on my own FB wall, and pointed out that it showed a large variety of blacks who were FB friends with Dylann. I didn't know exactly what that means, except to say that he doesn't seem to fit the "extremist racist profile" and, therefore, might be more nuts than racist? I wasn't defending his actions. Either way, he should be executed if he is the shooter. But isn't it interesting that my post somehow no longer exists... I didn't delete it. I guess FB deleted it? (Whatever the truth is, this little factoid should get out!)

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But yet they won't dare prosecute her because that would open them up to "discovery"... and then the whole world would know that Obama's identity is a fraud. (just as there is a very strong pattern whereby judges, under great behind-the-scenes pressure, toss these cases out without daring to allow them to get to "discovery"--in case after case, the judge and Obama's attorneys do whatever it takes to avoid discovery. OFTEN, those judges then get very lucrative appointments a few years later!).

Yet if Obama were as innocent as you seem to believe, they should INVITE the discovery phase and those opposing Obama would have come away empty handed if he were so innocent. Meanwhile, it is interesting that you express your opinion that Linda committed a federal crime... yet seem to have no problem with the results her electronic inquiry. Hmmm...