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I have just discovered goat towers (for goats living in the flatlands) exist and I want one in my backyard, with or without goats. https://99percentinvisible.org/article/creature-c...

A lot of propping up a friend who deserves it, and I'm deeply grateful she accumulates good people because there are three of us, making the project much easier.

I made a laser cut box with a top that irises open, and I lurve it. Will post pictures.

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I treasure the space and the people I've gotten to know here.

You can't shut down yet? I haven't sent everyone an post card? But cutting back certainly seems like a perfectly reasonable idea.

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hahahahaha nope

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BOOYAH!!! so happy for you!!

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WHAT IS TIME EVEN?? I have been convinced for the last three days is was either still friday or friday again and I am so utterly discombobulated I cannot speak. BUT! I feel like things are starting to ease a little? Which is amazing?

I have been put in charge of a handful of children for some piece of the summer. I get to watch their end of year foolishness tomorrow morning and then work with the originator of the project to figure out how to do it here and now and distanced, and safe, and I am getting kind of excited about it. We are going to do a lot with wind - tell me all the things that fly, float, are pushed by wind, and I will add them to (what passes for) a curriculum!

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was this the one you were really liked? Or another one that is perfectly ok?

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Did anyone else fall into the online obsession that was Shadow Unit in the late 'aughts and early 20-teens? It was an online serial about, basically, Criminal Minds but Mental Powers. Elizabeth Bear and Emma Bull were head writers for it and pulled in other writers as it went on, and there were LJs for some of the main characters, which went along and behind the episodes as they came out. I miss some of the writing, but I am missing the characters who did the work, and I've been thinking of them lately.

You can still find it here: http://shadowunit.org/

my review in retrospect is that too many of the best characters die, so I have retconned them back to life in my head and I can't go back.

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windy can def be threatening, a certain level of trees thrashing and wires flailing

I have a view of a neighbor's swimming pool, and the top gets riffled and kinda wild when the wind picks up enough

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Dried beans tend to be winter cooking for me - I use the heavy cast iron post in the oven, cover them with more than enough water, add some flavors like onion or garlic, and cook at just over boiling for a couple hours. I also use left over braised meats and bones - pork shoulder, or short ribs, or other - as the cooking base for them instead of plain water or stock.

When they are soft and cooked, they go with anything that will add flavor. Panfry a bunch of things, stir beans in, eat over rice or polenta. Add cheese.

If you want to experiment with the soft (cooked) beans without the cooking struggle, use canned, and see if you like them.