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Wow, the bottle is so pretty! I was shopping recently and the checker and person in front of me were having an animated chat that kept circling back to "watermelon," but it looked like they were pointing at a sandwich. I had to be nosy when it was my turn, and it was actually watermelon flavored wine! I want to try it, but that after-tang of grapefruit with rose must be amazing.

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"Irises" is a great verb. Definitely want to see!

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Personal growth had a setback. Another noise complaint and lost night and following day, which tends to make me spiral into doom. But I am up and clean and heading out for a haircut, then 5-day heat wave, dentist, and a lot of dumb book review deadlines, and then hopefully back to the fight (the fight is a job and new place to live). Very tired of this cycle, it really wastes all the things I'm best at, but hopefully the searching will bear fruit.

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It's a Big Week! I hope the job turns out to be a great fit so you can start, you know, restarting. I'm not getting post notifications in my email any more, but we will all pretty much just be rooting for you Friday, either here or silently.

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Yum! Definitely report back, this is an interesting food science project and I hope it ends well and deliciously.

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I'm good with Mondays and Tuesdays going dark, but I would be sad if we shut down entirely. That said, hosting and modding is a lot, and I could totally get on board with something lighter-duty (email chain or similar). I always want to write more by hand, but that's a huge effort too unless I'm abnormally energetic. :)

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Yeah, it's some bullshit for sure. But it was good for me to take a pause, because I've used this site before and the main stumbling block for me is living in California, where a lot of companies won't hire remote workers due to something about taxes. I'm still interested enough to blow ten bucks since that may be different in pandemic world, but it's not worth fifty.

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Underground comix were such an escape for bullied kid me, because a classmate in grade school had one confiscated and I stole it from where our teacher put it. Gave me a lot of very fucked up ideas about sex and drugs, but I still love them to this day despite the blinking neon PROBLEMATIC sign over 99% of them.

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I'm having an unusual case of momentum. Stumbled into a hair appointment for the 16th (it's supposed to be 100 degrees so that will be a fun walk at midday, but still!), dentist on the 23rd, so I'm gently pushing harder than usual toward job leads for the 30th. Got my eye on a class that lays out some of the tricks for finding remote work--the people behind it are reputable, but their website made the price look reasonable at first but with the date showing that price had expired, then this morning it was 5X higher. So I'm checking in periodically and when it goes down again I'll try it. I might even finally get all my addresses in one place, though that has become my Mount Everest. Maybe eating a power bowl will help.

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Yay! Glad you got it, very sorry it took this long.