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I have been participating less here lately, but I think my chattiness tends to wax and wane in general. I would hate to lose this space, but honestly, Manka, you have done so much for it and for us that you should in no way feel obligated to continue it if it isn't serving you anymore.

That said, cutting down to one open thread per week might work nicely? I simply do not have enough going on in my life to chime in more often, and maybe it would feel more vibrant if we were all here at the same time rather than spaced out during the week.

Whatever you land on, know that I am really grateful for having (present or past tense) this space and meeting you all during a time in my life where all the personal growth was happening internally and invisibly. I am absolutely better off for it.

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I just assumed you were busy disassociating with relief today.

Ooh postcards is a great idea. I have filed it away and may eventually set it up :)

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Establishing a practice is it's own practice, tbh. I hope something coagulates for you.

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Neither panic nor disco, currently. Time still feels very sludgy. My day-to-day is very calm and pleasant, and my big picture continues to be unfocused.

In lieu of having a big project on the go or any motivation to develop one, I have been slowly working my way towards a regular art practice. Probably inspired a lot by dailyFeb, so thank you, Lee! I have been sketching more or less regularly since February, and I've been doing some digital art on my tablet AND I just started playing around with watercolours--all things that are easy to set up and do bite-sized chunks of work. If I dont have anything big I want to make, I might as well be working on skills, and getting into the habit of always doodling around on something, and I like that. It feels right for now.

Other than that, things are re-opening up, so there are some summer activities and travels on the horizon, which will hopefully help me re-establish a sense of linear time.

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I have also been feeling bored lately for essentially the first time in my life. It's a combination of having a lot of free time on my hands (a GOOD thing, imo) and my brain just not being very sticky lately. Like my brain is very slippery and things that I would normally find compelling just sort of...slide right off. THAT part is frustrating, and largely driven by just feeling isolated for a long time this year (so what's the point in doing anything?), and/or just a normal creative slump.

BUT a few days ago, I got my art tablet out and starting working with my new graphics software and am working on a piece of fanart that I am super excited about and can't wait to get to work on again! So thank god for that. Maybe the boredom is a necessary fallow state for the mind? Anyways it sucked and I hope I am genuinely moving out of it!

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Oh wow guests over for dinner! Ahh that's so exciting and lovely!

I dont know what the exact ratios are (pretty hard to mess up anyways, I think), but rolled oats + butter + brown sugar + cinnamon is my go-to fruit bake topping.

Alternatively, if you run out of energy for dessert, fruit + whipped cream is literal heaven.

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Best best best luck with the interview!

I've been wondering a lot what will emerge as the dominant historical narrative of this year. Will it be a "oh, they kept calm and carried on" or whatever or will kids learn in history class that a huge group of people literally shat themselves in public over the idea of having to wear a small strip of fabric over their face in order to not kill other people?

Anyways let's just say that after the past two years I am a lot more skeptical of any accounts of the past that dont include what the assholes were getting up to.

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I would love a letter! Yep, same address. Maybe, after many false starts, this will be the catalyst for me getting looped into the Manka Mail network.

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Yeah I am still trying to process it, and the more I try the more confused I get. I'm interested in what your take on their central thesis was. As far as I could tell, they were saying "okay but what do nonbinary people DO?" (I mean, whatever the fuck they want, ideally).

Like, is gender identity a state of mind or a performance? Does one have to commit to the aesthetic in order to claim the identity? What amount of femininity must a nonbinary femme "do" as compared to a cis woman? Does this necessarily require medical transition? For all bodies or just for some bodies? How far does the gatekeeping extend? Is gender even real?

Must we parse nonbinary identities as occupying some sort of liminal space between genders rather than something entirely other? I think the fae thing is spot on, tbh.