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I would say, you are overestimating the portion of the fanbase who don't think that slavery is bad, compared to those who observed different scenes in the episode than you did.

"actions speak louder than words".

Yeah, but the words are still there too. They can motivate actions, or they can contradict them, but still, they are also actions themselves.

In this scene we have seen Rose pleadingly asking Pearl for a big favor, then both of them saying that they are glad to erease their status, then Rose saying that she will give one "last order" (that's consequences would have remained largely symbolic if not for Rose later turning into another person who needed reminding of what they did), and then the two of them performing a significant action.

The words and the actions here can overlap in telling the same story, about a daring , but problematic relationship. Or you can just mute the words because "actions speak louder", and reduce it to Rose giving one order, and extrapolating whatever you want from that.

I mean, sure, it speaks awfully of Rose to pick her last action as a diamond to be one last abuse of her authority. But if you take that as an excuse to ignore all the words that portrayed her giving up her position, then you might as well believe that actually Rose kept ordering Pearl around for the next thousands of years, specifically forcing her to keep acting like a person who is glad to have fought for freedom, while actually screaming inside forever, in a body puppeted by her deceiver. But with the words included, this is not the story that we have been shown.

My problem is not with your moral stance on slavery or unbreakable orders. It's not that you are supposed to LIKE Rose, or Pearl/Rose. It's that actively ignoring or downplaying context to make your case stronger, makes the show seem less refined than it really is.

It's like back in "Alone at Sea", when half the fandom was so wrapped up in picking sides between Jasper and Lapis, and making up biased descriptions of their backstory, to the point that anyone calling it a complex multifaceted issue, was considered "condoning abuse".

In a TV show, three dimensional characters who can't be reduced, are better than flat ones. "Alone at Sea" is a gripping portrayal of complex relationship dynamics like what real life humans have. This isn't the same thing as morally condoning their actions. Real life humans are three dimensional too, and their morality can still be awful. It just means that taking all the words and all the actions into account, makes a better story than expecting one immoral action to turn it into a single-track morality tale.

Rose and Pearl were both a Master/slave dynamic, and then an abolitionist rebel duo. And then they did other bad things, and good things, and bad things.

Acknowledging all of those is not CONDONING the first one, it's just a basis for a better story, than the one you get by downplaying context.

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To build on my previous top level comment, I guess my problem with your perspective is, that it removes complexity. Which is NOT the same thing as calling characters morally grey. We can still say that a person who did bad things for the right reasons, or good things for the wrong reasons, was ultimately bad, without ignoring details of a matter of how it happened.

But to say that "Pearl was never really freed", is absolutely removing complexity. I guess "you can't handle characters with grey morality" is a crude way to put it, but the point is that it sounds like something other than the show we were actually watching. It's not that Rose was good, but that if she wasn't, that should be concluded based on all the stuff we have seen, including the part where she quit being Pink Diamond.

It's not the fans romanticizing Rose and Pearl, but the show itself. There *is* something romantic about a ruler and a servant throwing away all their status to run away and fight side by side against the system. And yes, there is something deeply problematic about it. But these are the cards we were dealt. Pearl *is* both a freedom fighter, and clinging to Rose for validation, in a fundamentally unequal and unhealthy relationship. She has been for 5 seasons. Playing down the freedom fighter, is just as misleading as playing down the inequality.

Pearl fought for freedom, and for Rose, and she couldn't always tell the difference between the two. Which is a more fascinatingly complex drama, than simply reducing Pearl to a helpless victim as a way to avoid having to call this mess a " moral grey".

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Whan was this confirmed?

"My Diamond" also comes with a diamond salute.

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I'm more ambivalent than Mark about what direction this changes the show, and Rose's moral perception, towards.

Probably a large part of it is like most people in the part of the fandom that was already familiar with the theory of Rose being Pink Diamond for a while, I'm at least free of the concerns of whether this makes sense at all in spite of previous portrayals, because yeah, it does.

Pearls are a slave class. We have known that since season 3. Rose addressed Pearl as "My Pearl" back in season 1, so we already went through the "hey, this is darker in retrospect" phase once. Pearl has massive hangups about dependency, and glamorizing Rose. That's her whole deal.

Compared to that, the official confirmation that she was Rose's Pearl in particular, and that Rose was also an autocrat at the same time, are pretty much a mixed bag compared to the confirmation that they were also both also self-conscious of the problem and working on it:

Pearl: "Your status, my purpose, none of it will matter anymore. This will change everything"
Rose: "We can leave our old lives behind! [...] I want to live here with you! We'll both finally be free!"
Pink: "For my LAST ORDER as a diamond, please let's never speak of this again."

So on one hand Pearl used to be a slave, which we already knew, and her relationship with Rose was unhealthy, which we already knew, on the other hand even Pearl, let alone Rose, was actively enthusiastic about making their relationship more equal, and this was a big motivation behind the whole Shattering Gambit in the first place.

Pearl has always been a contradictory character, both a proud rebel fighting for freedom, and a nervous mess struggling to be her own person. And I don't mean contradictory as mismanaged by too many writers, but as dualistic. This dualism was a centerpiece of the lyrics of It's Over Isn't It (where Pearl mourns her glory days of "war and glory, reinvention, freedom", but also diminishes her own value as as a person without Pearl), , it's the plot of Last One Out of Beach City, (where Rose being a badass reliving her glory days, also leaves her orbiting a Rose lookalike).

We already went through this so far back as "Sworn to the Sword": Pearl trains Connie to be a badass knight, but also uncovers some baggage aboout her own lack of self-worth and self-sacrificing nature.

Even back then, I felt frustrated by people who tried to play that off as a silly misunderstanding of Pearl not being familiar enough with humans to know that they can't just tactically poof on the battlefield, but I also feel that similarly from the other direction, there is a wing of the fandom who keep waiting for anything that portrays Pearl as troubled, to decry her as a victim in ways that remove a lot of her character's motivations and complexity.

Pearl is a former slave who fought a violent rebellion for her freedom, learned new skills against her programming, and grown a lot as a person.

She also has deep self-doubts about truly being a strong, valuable person, and she is just starting to figure out what else could that freedom mean, other than the freedom to unquestioningly follow the one person she always wanted to follow.

This is Pearl. This is who Pearl alwas was, for 5 seasons and counting.

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More likely the creators just forgot that one scene :P

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Genrika the Spy and Darren the Samurai are DEFINITELY teaming up eventually. Caleb can be their eccentric hacker-billionaire.

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Fun fact: Actually in season 1, we have already seen Barack Obama's first inauguration being watched on TV by John in a flashback scene.

So, that's weird.