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Personally, this is the episode that sold me on this series. I liked the first one (apart from killing off Grace. Booooo. No offense to the others, but I would not have minded if it had been just her and the Doctor going on grand adventures together), but this one is absolutely amazing. The settting, the story, the characters. It's truly gorgeous.

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One of each! DW 11x01 - 11x03


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What an experience! The acting is soooo good in this episode, especially Michelle Gomez in her (presumably) final appearance as Missy

Now, Saxon did say he had killed her permanently, and lots of people think this isn't really true. I think this might actually be the case: Missy is the final version of the Master.
But! Both Masters were assuming that Saxon will regenerate into Missy next. But what if this is not the case? And there will be more Masters in between that we have yet to meet. I think that might be really interesting.

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Rewatching this season with Mark is making it so much better for me.
While I love Bill as a companion, I was pretty down on this season, and especially this episode. But seeing it through the eyes of Mark (and some time and knowing how it all plays out) has given me a new appreciation for this season.

Because while this episode still has quite a few issues, in the end it is a pretty fun stand alone horror episode, and sometimes that can be just enough.

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Just here to say how happy I am Mark Watches Doctor Who is back! It's what drew me to this site years ago (well, this and Mark Reads HP, which is still one of my favourite ways to relive that series) and now we're in for another ride.

This particular episode I did not remember very well, but it was more enjoyable now on a rewatch.

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Here are some links for DW 10x01 and 10x02

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The Good Place 1x07 - 1x09 !

I did accidently try to download episode 7 three times, because my touchpad was being stupid, so apologies for those who only end up with the other two...

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Ow wow, I had no idea Mark was going to do The Good Place! Thanks for sharing!

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So this show suddenly turned into Tomb Raider? Ok then. I guess I can get on board with that (at least Sydney is not calling herself an archaeologist). The strangest thing is how this show treats it like its no big deal (save for Marshall maybe) and a totally normal development.