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oh, clevermanka, I am so glad that you are here and that the toastie community continues in this and other places. Love and hugs to all today.

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PLEASE COME TO TOASTIESLACK. We need our pics of our spud! (seriously, email ppyajunebug [at] gmail [dot] com and I will get you the invitation!

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WE LOVE YOU MALLORY, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU TROLL US. Thank you so much for the toast. So much. So very much. Thank you for making it impossible to reread some of my childhood favorites, thank you for making me snort beer out my nose (ouch) while reading Monks Invent..., thank you for helping me realize that my cat is a teenage dirtbag.

God, I'm going to miss this place.

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A toast to Mallory, Nicole, Nikki, Jaya, Roxane, Marco, and everyone else who made this site what it was:

A willing foe, and a sea room

I'll see you all when we take to the sea.

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Thank you so much for all the mornings of links, Nicole. My work productivity is about to get a lot better, and I'm not happy about it. <3 you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

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I have enjoyed your comments immensely. Hope to see you over at slack from time to time.

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There is no nesting of comments, sadly. It's more of a group of themed chatrooms with ongoing discussions. A lot of new members who are finding the large channels overwhelming are joining some of the topical/local channels (game of thrones yelling, Pennsyvania toasties, etc) and getting into the discussion there. But feel free to jump into a channel and ask what's up; we're all quite friendly, even though some of us may get into long arguments about things like whether pies are meant to have fruit or meat in them.

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It's not Thursday it can't be Thursday ima just stick my head in the sand over here, m'kay?

But in the interest of keeping the commenting community of love and kindness and toast together, I will first post your daily reminder that many of us are migrating to toastieslack.

For gently self-moderating groups, discussions of our personal dirtbaggery and crushes, shouting at the tv, and much more, email ppyajunebug [at] gmail [dot] com

Please join us as we mourn the loss of our favorite breakfast food site and all take to the sea.

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I will miss the ability to regularly comment on dick ribboning. GODDAMMIT

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Also, if I did happen to come into possession of a magical object of world-imperiling demonic power, I would ABSOLUTELY use it to avoid small talk.