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I've been staying away because a) it's just to sad to read and know that this is last and b) I'm riding my bike across the country and have limited internet access, but I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude and love for this space that the toast team has curated over the past 3 years. I don't know what I'm going to do without you when I have internet again.

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My bf picked me some pretty weeds and I had to stick em in an empty gin bottle because apparently I don't even own a pitcher.

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Stealing this

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If we could make that happen, I am ALL for it.

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I am cycling across Canada, you can follow along on Instagram at @_velo.ciraptor_

Also, my tumblr is @strophoria, and I may finally get Twitter.

Can somebody add me to the ADHD toasties slack group please?

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Exactly! Real rats are cute little pointy bears with tails.

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please tell me!

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I am the Worst because my immediate reaction to this piece was "the horchata place on St. Denis is FAR INFERIOR to the one on St. Laurent, what are you doing."

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OMFG shit dammit, I just bought vegetables for a stir fry but now I must eat this instead

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The titular character of Rice Boy, by Evan Dahm. I love his art style so much, how the character design reflects their role in the story - for example, Rice Boy is an audience insert character and he's deliberately very simple, whereas Gerund is meant to be a comedic character with hidden strength and s/he's rotund and cute but has pointy horns and stumpy elephant legs.

Rice boy is also on an allegory of the fools journey, and I'm a tarot reader, so having the opportunity to get a symbolic Fool character and also one of my fave comics on my body was too good to pass up.