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If anyone plays Overwatch on playstation 4, add me! I'm swevene there and I would love to drop the beat (I mainly play Lucio) with some toast pals.

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The Toast has been here for me through job losses, depressive episodes, and most of all, raising a small root vegetable, which has been frustrating and rewarding and exhausting all the time, especially recently since we've been separated. It seems really small, but knowing that I can post pictures of him and get such a positive response (and advice if I need it!) has meant a lot to me. It always reminds me of the positive aspects of being a potato mother, so thank you all again.

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I know this is very, very late and probably won't be seen by many... but I want to thank everybody for looking at Charlie Potato Hashbrowns and loving him almost as much as I do. I'll do my best to keep posting pictures everywhere (my twitter and instagram are chloekevil, my tumblr is totallygayneilmackay, and I'm part of the toast subreddit and I think I should be getting an invite to slack soon? but I don't know how that works).

But here are some last Toast pictures of my very favourite root vegetable.

I call this one "his feet all red" because references to weird little horror comics make me happy. But really, CP Taters found a mud puddle in a baseball diamond and had a grand old time.

Hanging out, being a french fry, showing off his ridiculous tongue.

I love you guys, thank you so much for all your comments and love. The Toast has helped me become myself in all my parts, both the fiercely ordinary and the happily weird, and it's taught me more than I can express. I am so sad that it's ending, but I am glad that I have been part of this community.

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I wish I had new potato pictures to provide a break for everyone but I don't and I'm sad and tired and a friend almost went to Pulse that night and I had an argument with my mom about job searching and basically I want my dog to sitting next to me and licking my face whenever I turn towards him.

It is so exhausting to not feel like you have a home. I am paying the same in rent for one room at my mom's as I was for an entire suite at my other place and she still feels entitled to judge everything about how I live. I'm sleeping on two entirely insufficient foam mattresses because my air mattress sprung a leak (again) and I need to deal with that but I'm just so tired and I want my own bed and my own space.

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Potato got super stressed out about grooming as well- we had to really work to get his feet and tummy done, so now it's just his head and chest that are ridiculous floof while the rest of him is a french fry. People keep asking me when I'm going to get it finished and I'm like '... maybe not ever?'

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He's either balmy or barmy, depending on his mood. :D

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He IS.

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I have been going pretty much non-stop since last Thursday (my birthday!) and I am ready to fall over. And I still can't move in with Charlie and I miss my tater tot and now it's looking like it might be August before I get him again. My mom is encouraging me to find another place to live, but I need a job and a place that takes pets first! And I haven't gotten any bites on my job applications that I've sent out, so that's cheerful.

So basically, I'm a little frazzled and I might have to cancel tonight's obligations so I can stay in and stare at the ceiling.

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Potato pictures, because I haven't posted here in a whiiiiiiiiiiiile.

Charlie Taters and his platypus friend, Dr. Gregory House.

CP requesting that I give him another treat plz mom he has been so good.

Charlie with his lawfully won prize that was cruelly taken away from him only seconds after this picture was taken because that's mommy's sock, not his, jesus Charles.

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TENS machines feel like tiny goblin hand massages and I could totally go for that during my period.