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Its time for AG Sessions to get real tough with these Mayors and Governors who are openly defying Federal Law. Have the warrants for arrest ready and have the FBI enforce them. After the arrest is made perp walk them out of their offices in hand cuffs and taken directly to a Federal Facility for holding until arraigned. Do that to a few of those arrogant bastards and I would bet there would be a very quick attitude change.

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In my day it was the same and being in the Marine Corps its very hard to hide anything for very long. I have no problem with women being in the military but I don't want them in combat either for similar reasons such as most men in the military are brought up to protect women and that fact could cause a male combatant to make a decision or decisions to limit the danger to a woman in combat that could affect the unit cohesion.

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Here I have to disagree with you, I have no idea if you have served in the military and if you did if you had any combat experience. I did and I have with 3 tours of duty in Vietnam and when the shit hits the fan you are no longer fighting for your country you are fighting for yourself and the guys next to you. That being said there is no time to wonder if your fellow fighters have your back, you have to be absolutely confident that as you cover one sector the guys on each side of you are covering theirs. Can a transgender perform its duty? Perhaps yes and perhaps no but not knowing your true gender makes me more than a little leery. Combat units depend on unit cohesion and discipline and even small things can disrupt those important necessities. There is also the problem of HIV as a transgender will most likely be involved with same sex and the possibility of contracting AIDS. In combat there will almost always be WIA's and the transfer of blood due to wounds. That fact will be in the back of the minds as units with transgenders and gays embark into a combat situation. You have to be sharp and on your game when the bullets start to fly and the last thing you need is any kind of unnecessary distractions. There are plenty of ways for transgenders and gays to serve the country other than in the military, Speaking for myself I would not have wanted that situation to exist during my time in combat, Call it what you want but its the simple truth and something other combat vets will confirm.

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I am sick and tired of Congress treating themselves like primadonnas and that they are special in some abnormal way. Serving is Congress is a privilege that the voters give those elected and they are charged with serving and doing those voters will. If the voters want a Congressman to vote a certain way then he or she is duly charged to vote as their constituents instruct them to. They are not allowed to vote in any other way and if there is a question then they go back home and hash it out with the voters. Congress needs to remember that they WORK FOR US and as they were hired by us so can they also be fired by us.

Special treatment also must stop and there should be no deviation between what the voters receive as benefits and what Congress does. If the Health Care bill they pass isn't good enough for them to have then it isn't good enough for us either. A law needs to be passed requiring Congress to receive the same Healthcare Package that they pass into law for the rest of us.

Congress (you may have noticed I haven't broken it down to party affiliation) doesn't spend enough time in their home districts to be in touch with the voters preferring rather to spend the bulk of their time in their gilded cages in Washington DC. A Congressman's main office needs to be at home in their district and return to Washington only for official votes and important debates. Compensation for travel to Washington and their home office should be that current rate of travel expense allowed by the IRS for travel bu automobile. If they want to fly no problem, they can buy their own ticket. Obviously term limits need to be enacted so the powerful don't become a permanent fixture.

Serving in Congress should be a unselfish act of servitude and an action on a calling to serve. Salaries should be capped at the high end of the average blue collar worker and all raises should be approved by the voters or held at the rate of inflation so maybe they will be more interested in doing the peoples jobs.

Yes I know all of the above is a pipe dream but if we the people would truly unite then things could change. Left to their own volition they will do nothing to change the status quo but only seek to enrich-en themselves.

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Drug smuggling is admittedly a massive problem but so is illegal immigration and its massive influx of socially dependency that comes along with it. Whenever "Illegals" are mentioned immediately the words racist is applied to anyone using the term. Frankly I don't give two shits whether the Illegals are Mexican, Central American European or any nationality if they come into the country illegally I want them deported immediately upon capture and I am also tired of the "Anchor Baby" crap. If an illegal can make it across our borders and a woman who is pregnant gives birth that baby becomes a natural born citizen. Who is the hell ever came up with that shit anyways??? Send the illegal mother AND illegal child back to their country of origin. Drug smugglers should be shot on sight for the death they eventually cause. It ain't pretty but its effective.

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The wall is needed and long long overdue, although not iron clad it will both stop and slow down illegal crosser's. It also will help with the drug smuggling. Prosecution of employers of illegal aliens should be vigorously investigated and prosecuted because they only add to the problem. Seasonal work permits is a good idea and all money earned should be taxed the same as American workers are taxed.

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All the G20 is in actuality is 19 Nations looking for America to pull their ass's out of the fire and to get whatever they can free while the American people foot the bill.

It was good to see an American President who is proud to be an American and has no apologies for our success as a nation. Pleasant change from the apologetic pussy that sat in the Oval Office for the last 8 years. President Trump has served notice to the world there is a new sheriff in town and things will be a changin.