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I agree with you and Gene Uecker. We need to start a new party. I suggest we call it THE PATRIOT PARTY.

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I have joined the sarahPAC. That was the best political speach I have ever heard last Friday. I am suggesting she go on the attack - IE: MASTER ARM ON! Also, I believe that it is time for a new party - THE PATRIOT PARTY. At a party, Friday night, someone suggested that for the next Tea Party - we thow all the current members of Congress into Boston Harbor.

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I agree! The power is in "States Rights" The Constitution limits the actions of the Federal Government. I am working In GA to 1. Get term limits, 2. Call for the recission of all TARP monies, 3. Get a bill that would allow the recall of Federal officials and, lastly, Initiate a decloration that would affirm the "States Rights". The State has the right to tell the Federal Gov't to "shove off". We need to put preasure on all state and local officials to "do-the-right-thing."

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Last part of my letter:

Fourth: Initiate a declaration that affirms the States Rights (Tenth Amendment) and that the US Constitution, in its’ original form AND as previously and properly amended is the document that pertains to the actions of the Federal Government of the United States.

We want our country back! A true patriot would also want this.

Actions speak louder that words.

Sugested for all voters to send to their reps.

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Second part of my letter:

There are a number of actions that I believe a true patriot would take and support.

First: Initiate a bill that calls for the limitation of terms that any politician is allowed to have in a federal or state legislative body. Preferably one but the max should be two terms.

Second: Initiate a bill that allows for the recall of all federal elected officials. That recall to be a initiated by the citizens of the state where the elected official was voted into office.

Third: Initiate a bill that calls for the rescission of all the TARP and bailout legislation that was passed without any member of any legislative body reading or studying that legislation before it was rushed to passage (not interpretive - this means all of this type of legislation that was passed in 2008 and 2009.)

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The following letter is being sent, in multiple ways, to all of my elected reps:


I am writing in response to what is going on in the Federal government.

My first question is: Are you a patriot first or a politician first?

Second: Do you support the Constitution?

Third: Why have you not spoken out against the Homeland Security document that portrays me and, essentially everyone I know as right wing radicals?

Fourth: Why is the Federal Government violating almost every tenet of the US Constitution? What is the justification for spending the citizens money by giving it to private enterprises and printing money that will deflate the current value of our currency?

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Topshot, I don't believe we have to wait to 2010. I am contacting all my elected reps to ask them if they are patriots. If they are, I want them to start legislation to 1. Limit terms in office, 2. Allow for recalls so we can fire their sorry butts and, 3. Recind all the spending packages that have just been shoved through congress.
I am 72 (going on 73 in May) and I will respond to the call if needed and, if combat is reqired, so be it! I have checked my wife out in various weapons and am staying current. I guess I am classified as a "VERY RADICAL RIGHT WING ACTIVIST" since I believe in the Constitution, the soveregnty of the US, The concept of States Rights, securing the border, the second and tenth ammendments and all the other things spelled out in the Homeland Security Manifesto. Letsa all contact our reps and put the onis on them. For those reps that don't respond, I will write letters to the editors and spell out what they are not willing to do. Thanks for being involved.

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We all need to get with our state elected reps and have each state constitution changed to allow for the recall of our federal elected officials. The law favors the politicians at the federal level presently. That needs to change, We need to be able to recall and fire the bums that do not represent us.