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I get it, but it still makes me sad. It does seem like a fun-suck. I'm sure there will be restrictions like these (& then some) when Lil Snorch heads off to school. The world can suck but I hope I can still show Lil the fun & beautiful in life & how to enjoy it.

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You're KILLING me with the handbags!! My friends think paying more than $30 for a bag is just insane. The fact that I have a couple of Kate Spade's and a few Dooney's just blows their minds. It's earned me the nickname "handbag whore." I have put myself on a buying hiatus since my daughter's birth. You are tempting me, DQ.....

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We threw around about a hundred boys' names and couldn't agree on any one name. We switched to talking girls' names and Mr. tossed out two that were ok but I wasn't crazy about. A name that I had read in a book or two popped out of the recesses of my brain (it's a name that I LOVED) and I said "How about Ainsley for a little girl?' He liked it, instantly, and when we found out a week later that "it" was a girl, she's been Ainsley ever since.

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"Tea partiers have also risen up to oppose the tyranny of septic-tank inspections."
OK. The children in nursing homes, etc was sickening, heart-breaking.
Opposing septic-tank inspections is plain dumb.
"We defecate in the water we drink because we don't want government control." Barf.

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Well, happy birthday then.

I obviously need to lurk on a more regular basis.

And happy birthday to any of you fuckos I've missed/forgotten/not met yet.

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Since Lil Snorch? Maybe once a month and only one or two beers or a few glasses of wine. Clearly, not. enough.

Before Lil Snorch? Nightly. Two to three glasses of wine. A beer or two.
This is depressing. I'm going to cry in the corner.

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Ah! You went there! Sweet!! I have to refrain from looking; I have a dear friend due to deliver her first any time now. She's already freaked out about the delivery and pooping while she's pushing, etc. I'll save this for after the baby is born.

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It's pretty damn cute in there. I can't find pics of my pets. Probably for the best.

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Thanks so much for doing the homework on this! I like that I can pull up a site on my Android; very helpful.

The Silk thing bothers me as well. It's one of the few milks that Lil Snorch can tolerate and actually likes. It's also about the only non-dairy option available in my small town

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I get where you're coming from. I had to rely on my just my income for quite awhile and it sucked. I would usually try to set some money aside so I could take a fun weekend away and sometimes I would use a credit card and literally pay the consequences.

I'm hoping Lil Snorch will learn to be a little more careful with her money but also know that it's ok to treat herself once in a while. Mr. has saved his whole life but hasn't travelled, or well, much of anything. We balance each other, and I sincerely hope Lil Snorch can blend those two traits into a steady, stable financial life.