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The slutty blonde "Call me Harold" campaign ad against Harold Ford was how Corker used leverage to get elected.

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I am shocked!

Shocked I say, that the bio-pic of the man who made a pecker picture famous would get an R.

Oh the humanity!

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Romney is a funky munch who'd make Cindy's fun barrel clam up.

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Chris Matthews loaned him a shiv.

Ad Age sez CNN's focus group wuz 100% southern rednecks.

Ha Ha Ha:

UPDATE: It turns out that CNN's poll was, shall we say, not representative of reality. CNN notes that 37% of respondents were Democrat and 33% were Republican, but as a commenter points out, a closer look shows that none of the respondents were under 50; all of them were white; all of them were from the South.

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Needz moar French girls in mini-skirts signing "Zou Bisou Bisou."

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"CEOs do not really understand what the deal was with Periclean Athens."

It won't take the fuckers long to find out that "Periclean Athens" had about 70,000 slaves that "could be owned privately or by the state."

A modern CEO will prefer his own.

Athenian society in the time of Pericles

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Old Blood 'N Guts will spare no blood or guts to keep the poppy fields open for business and the world safe for narco thugs everywhere.

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In Connie's (I'm guessing that's his preppy nickname) version of “It’s a Wonderful Life” whenever a depositor withdraws a dolllar from a bank an art history major loses his job.

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Spotted Dick caused Tower 7 collapse.

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She's probably thinking of Charlie Sheen's sexy new Fiat commercial.

My favorite part is the blinking ankle monitor when he gets out of the car.

Catholics are FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!!

Charlie Sheen's new Fiat ad - at Vulture