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This movie takes you back to 1986 in all the best ways.

Further, it is true that perception is reality. So the fact that this film gives the world a picture of American "soldiers" as the biggest guys with the baddest guns and the most righteous causes, really does great things for the perception of our country abroad. Reagan knew that America always needed to show her strength to the world regardless of circumstance. I believe Bush saw that, too. In the age of Obama, when showing the world your inner, angst-ridden, morally-confused soul passes for diplomacy, it's nice to know that at least one filmmaker in Hollywood "gets it." Kudos to Stallone. This movie sends the message that America is one badass place and that Tyrants will fall before her.

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Great Job, Victoria! Thank you for standing tall and firm. Schiff is a hack and I'm embarrassed that he is my congressman. I'm glad that there was such a presence at the town hall to remind him of who his constituency REALLY is.

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The irony of your Union/Non-union metaphor is that SAG (and AFTRA, I presume) in keeping with its UNABASHEDLY leftist philosophies is a proponent of Govt. Health Care. They can't even be consistent with their values. More evidence of "Do as I say, not as I do."

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I could have gotten this kind of drivel from Marvel or DC involving characters I care about . Thanks for nothing, Big Head...PASS...

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Another brilliant piece, old boy! You have a dizzying and somewhat terrifying gift of communication. I am so glad that you use your powers for good.

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Jon David,

Thanks for chronicling your experiences here. As I read the turn in your story, I truly shared in your profound sadness at Jacquelib's life. Here is a lost person whose beauty is being marred by those who take advantage of her as apparently so many have before. Thanks for being a mensch and not adding to her sorrow.

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Seriously, this language thing is what Orwell wrote about in '1984.' control the language and you can control the people. It is an infernal concept meant for bondage, slavery and manipulation. Nobody's for murder, but everybody is for choice! Here's a trick: anytime the administration comes out with a new agency or term, call it by the exact opposite of it's name. Then you'll know what it's really about.

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HA! Doonsbury is definitely at fault. That Hack-neyed, conspiracy-theorist, left wing strip has destroyed this country.

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you, sir, are an ass.

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That's funny, because the reasoning that rights derived from a tracendental source is what created this country:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness..."

Are you saying that men who were among the top thinkers of their age, "The Age of Enlightenment", when beyond all other time in history, "Reason" was preeminent, were being unreasonable? You seem like a reasonable fellow, surely you can see the folly of calling upon something within the created order to bestow that which is transcendent of the created order to a fellow creation in that order. Drivel.