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Well, first off, thanks for reading and commenting.

Secondly, I think the gaffe here was that Obama confused the terms "trans" with "inter." By definition "WE" couldn't build an "inter" continental railroad. We would need some help and cooperation. Since this was a chest-thumping Alinsky-style speech to show how great America is (something Obama does not believe in), we can be sure he was thinking of "trans" and saying "inter."

Finally, I don't doubt that you are correct, but I can't find evidence of this intercontinental railroad anywhere. What is it called? I found a good deal of articles about a proposed "Pan American" railway to South America from the archives of the NYT and Time Magazine, much of it dating back to 1900-1925. But nothing about a completed intercontinental railway - unless it is a series of railways connected to the South Fuegian Railway? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_Fuegian_Rai...

Please let me know - I'm intrigued!

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Wait until the ObamaCare waivers expire (after 2012 election).

And, in case you didn't know it, ObamaCare doesn't take effect until 2014. What we are seeing now is the tip of the iceberg.

By the way, who's payroll are you on?

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Interesting take. I disagree, but it's interesting to hear so many different opinions about why he may not run.

Personally, I think Obama's ego allowed him to seek the presidency without any qualifications and without a second thought. I think the reasons I outlined above would be more than enough to make him consider an early vacation/retirement.

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More specifically, the Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz gave to the Huckabee Exploratory committee in 2007: http://www.campaignmoney.com/ceo.asp?pg=349

Not sure about other contributions, but you can be sure he wasn't giving to the Hopenchange Express.

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Thanks for all your comments, suggestions and support! I am in the early stages of putting this together as a book. The more support, the more time I will be able to put into the project, so PLEASE continue to send this blog around via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc etc etc!

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THANKS! Please let your Facebook fans know about the Obama Fail Blog facebook page (link is on the top of the right column).

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I see your comment now. Again, many thanks.

Please feel free to post links to your posts in the comments section or on the facebook page, ESPECIALLY any Obama-themed posts. I may not have time to get to reading all the links, but it makes it easier for me and it will hopefully get you more readers.

And that goes for any other conservative blogs.

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Thanks Supi!

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Many thanks. What started as a fun experiment has grown into a hobby. I hope to keep OFB going, but I'm going to need some more feedback via comments, links and Facebook Page views. It always helps to know people are reading this stuff!

Where did you post your comment on HotAir? I looked through a few posts but I didn't see it.

Thanks again and have a Happy New Year!