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Yeah, but Kennedy was a murderer.

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Rest in peace Andrew. May God look out for your friends and family in your absence. You were a great warrior for the cause and you will be missed by those of us who must fight on without you now.

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I really hope she promises to leave the US if Obama loses this time and follows through.

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I think Whitneys drug use has less to do with the color of her skin or where she came from than the fact that she married a POS drug user and got caught up in that life style.

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The Chevy Volt is the Barrack Obama of of automobiles. It looks shiny, new, and full of promise, but in actuality it's a jumped up sewing machine, prone to breakdown, and that costs way way way more than it is actually worth.

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Briefings? No, those were marching orders. Briefings are for the productive members of a group, useful idiots get marching orders.

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I appreciate your love for the country, but please stop the singing Gov. Romney. The leftist media is pumping you up now, just so they can rip you down all the harder later on.

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The book was a good one, but movies never live up to the book, and I gave up hoping they would a long time ago. I may see this, I most likely won't, because you know there will be a leftist sucker punch or two, in the movie, that never existed in the book.

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From what I've been hearing all the crowds have been showing up, in Florida, for Newt. Miquetoast Mittens has been receiving lukewarm receptions at best. I have to wonder how they're are collecting their polling data and whether the establishment will go apoplectic if things don't go their way.

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"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." - Thomas Jefferson

It seems that the rank and file Republicans are no longer taking the elites orders. The GOP establishment in DC is as frightened by a Newt candidacy as the Democrats are.