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Bernie beats Trump.

Political movements beat Congress.

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Many good points in this article.

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Venezuela's economy is based on the largest oil reserve in the world. Their economy isn't failing because of Socialism. It's failing because of sanctions, assignation attempts, racist elitists who hate when the lower class has any power, and coups made by the U.S. on the behest of U.S. oil corporation interests. England also just stole over a billion dollars of gold from them.

Guess what, if Scandinavian socialism economies were attacked for oil, they also would be having trouble.

It's a Republican and Neo-Liberal talking point to use Venezuela as an example of failed Socialism. People need to see through that sort of propaganda, so it can't be used to smear Bernie Sanders.

BTW, Bernie is a Democratic Socialist. For those who aren't educated about the difference between Socialism and Democratic Socialism,or do know, and just pretend they don't in order to smear Sanders, you can look it up on the Google to see where you went wrong.

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Yeah, I think we all know the Dem field will get smaller. I suspect by the end of the primary there will only be one Dem candidate left. If that Dem is a centrist, corporate Dem, then Trump's extremely far right base will win the General election, as in 2016.

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24 Dems running, maybe two could beat Trump in the general election.

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Yeah, good examples. The biggest WTF moment of the debate was Bernie Sanders not answering and tax question clearly enough for your taste. And you think it's interesting others see the debate much differently. No need to bring up Harris or Biden. And also, Bernie should drop out.

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He explained it perfectly, just as he always does. I just re -watched it. Blame the disingenuous and loaded question. Your article doesn't even mention Biden or Harris. The clear losers of the debate? Or maybe they were just perfect? Guess we will never know. But there is clearly a lot of nitpicking when it comes to Sanders in this article and in past comments to other articles on this site,, too old, not needed because so many of his ideas have been stolen by fake progressives like Harris, not answering debate questions clearly enough for your taste, and of course, Biden more electable, etc....

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Jesus, he did, and HAS explained it. Over and over again, very clearly. Some just can'r hear, or care to listen.

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The loaded question to Sanders about raising taxes to pay for medicare for all is misleading and disingenuous, because they know, and take pains to avoid the fact that people pay WAY less money in the long run, not slaves to the private insurance companies.. He has to explain it every time, And it is never acknowledged, they pretend the don't understand, and then they point their corrupt fingers and say he is avoiding a tax question. It's ridiculous.

Sanders won that debate, hands down.

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I would place that under coming up with any rationale to be against Sanders. Biden, nor any centrist Democrat, has a chance against Trump. It will be Hillary vs Trump, all over again. At least the "Bernie is too old" excuse has faded a bit since Biden stepped in. But, it will return when Biden drops further in the polls.