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Alinsky Hero USA


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Bernie's health and age are just excuses for neoliberals to dismiss him. Hillary was frail and old, but they didn't say anything when she ran, coughing and passing out all over the campaign trail.

If Bernie doesn't get the primary vote, if the super delegates, DNC and MSM cheat him and the country again, we then have Trump in 2020.

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Lewinsky doesn't deserve to be part of any #metoo movement, she knew what she was doing, but for her to be shamed for those actions while Bill got protected by the MSM and the DNC, was disgusting. Bill should have resigned so Al Gore could get to the needs of the country without the maniac, sexual hypocritical conservatives in the way.

I believe Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broaddrick after watching The Clinton Affair. Excellent documentary. I will watch the Watergate doc you mentioned.

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Often when I get in a discussion with a fundamentalist, they will say to me that "I just haven't opened my heart to Jesus." It's like trying to debate a teenager in love, no way to reason with them.

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Mormons will have "meaningful" dialogue with you all day. But they won't listen, just sell. . Fundamentalists, can fake "meaningful" dialogue for a time, and then they'll lose it and scream that you are going to hell, then try to dominate the way you live, and make profits off guns, fear and sometimes creepy science fiction books for children. Catholics don't bother, don't care, just put on a show and dance number with fabulous costumes, then dine off their donations.

It's all good business.

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I can't watch those movies. When I was young, I thought they were cool, but now, I hate them. I once worked with one of the writers of "Friday the 13th part 3 in 3D. ( He came up with the hockey mask) He would tell me stories about Quentin Tarantino, who is notorious for violence in his films. I had some great conversations with him about this.

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HA HA, the conservatives confirmed Kavanaugh and believe he won't be impeached.

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The worm turned when the Republicans senators realized Ford was of their own, part of their own social class. Got to play this careful, that's a no-no in the eyes of Jesus or at least doesn't look so good in front of the good Christian Republican women who get a vote on this. Establish BK is a Jesus guy and not a BTK guy, and then express compassion for Ford, by admitting some (not a good Christian) guy did this to her and she must be all mixed up about it. .

Then it's back to some good "skis".

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You can be as hurtful as you want to others your entire life, so long as you give yourself entirely to Jesus right before you die, there is a place in heaven for you Or you can to as helpful and compassionate as you want for your entire life, but if not in the name of Jesus, sorry, you lose, straight to hell forever and forever, burning in pain.

The End.

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Westworld (HBO) is nominated for best Drama this year. That whole show is about Atheists trying to find immortality through technology.