Alinsky Hero USA

Alinsky Hero USA


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Giddy up!

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It's a big club, and you ain't in it.

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He's going after local markets in the super Tuesday states right now. National press and Facebook will follow.

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The entire Establishment is lined up behind Bloomberg, now. They don't care he will lose against Trump, They only need to get Bernie out.

That's the race now.

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"OK, Boomer" is a reaction to the Boomer upper class being dismissive to the generations after them. No matter the argument, the Boomer will dismiss it, and condescend to them.

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Bernie beats Trump.

Political movements beat Congress.

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Many good points in this article.

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Venezuela's economy is based on the largest oil reserve in the world. Their economy isn't failing because of Socialism. It's failing because of sanctions, assignation attempts, racist elitists who hate when the lower class has any power, and coups made by the U.S. on the behest of U.S. oil corporation interests. England also just stole over a billion dollars of gold from them.

Guess what, if Scandinavian socialism economies were attacked for oil, they also would be having trouble.

It's a Republican and Neo-Liberal talking point to use Venezuela as an example of failed Socialism. People need to see through that sort of propaganda, so it can't be used to smear Bernie Sanders.

BTW, Bernie is a Democratic Socialist. For those who aren't educated about the difference between Socialism and Democratic Socialism,or do know, and just pretend they don't in order to smear Sanders, you can look it up on the Google to see where you went wrong.

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Yeah, I think we all know the Dem field will get smaller. I suspect by the end of the primary there will only be one Dem candidate left. If that Dem is a centrist, corporate Dem, then Trump's extremely far right base will win the General election, as in 2016.

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24 Dems running, maybe two could beat Trump in the general election.