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Dear Little Ricky you festering bag of pus,

Go to hell.



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Lets just round up all Kansas legislators and dump them off shore or in an abandoned strip mine. I don't see any other solution to this hideous problem.

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Iesum Christum! What a bunch of idiots.

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Someone needs to take a 2 x 4 to Brain's head. JFC, how can any sane person come up with crap like that?

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I had never seen the morning program that's hosted by the three stooges until earlier this week. I was in my doctors office for an early appointment and I was a captive viewer. I was appalled and at the same time fascinated. Total train wreck. I sort of got sick to my stomach by having to look at two guys with their legs spread and a dumb blondes thighs wearing an ultra high skirt sitting on a couch pretending they were relevant. (I'm sending a strongly worded letter to my doctor's practice on their choice of TV channel)

After I got home it occurred to me that there was something very familiar about that train wreck. Then it hit me: There was a really funny BBC 4 radio program called "Life, Death and Sex with Mike and Sue". It was a parody of morning chat shows. I wonder if Fox used it as a model for their morning chat show? If not it's the weirdest coincidence ever.

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Who the hell reads Amity Shlaes? She's just as awful and makes no sense just like the bespectacled Alaskan Gräfin.

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I wish I had more friends like those two.

Thom and Ijpe: the best of luck and all the happiness you two can stand.

As for David Fowler...Well, what goes around comes around. Some day he'll get what's coming to him.

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Looks and sounds delish.

I'll see what I can do with this recipe tonight - I just happen to have buttermilk on hand and now it won't get wasted. Will let you guys know how it turns out.

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(I'm late to this party but I have to rant or I'll explode)

Christ on a frigging cracker! That kind of mental disorder is easily treated with drugs. I'm talking to you, Robin Wilkins, you pos suck ass jerk off. Get into treatment lady! But radical christian/religious freaks would rather be ill than well. A shame we can't force the g.d. waste of space assholes into treatment.

I swear these people (religious, intolerant scum suckers) are going to be the death of us all.

PS: fuck that TV station for giving that insane pos a platform to spew her garbage.

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I think Chucky is protesting too much, if you catch my drift.