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If CNN is right then the most important question which could determine the future of the human race is what makes Muslims feel humiliated?

I am no expert but here are some possible answers:

The existence of non-muslims
The existence of not pius Muslims
Western democracy and values
Western science & technology
Western culture and art
A Jewish state
Gender equality
Human Rights

The only sure way to stop jihad terrorism and make the Muslims happy again. ;-)

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You are getting close! ;-)

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"This piece in time is even more clear than seeing the Nazis coming to power and almost destroyed Europe."

Germany did not have oil! But it did have support from Muslims and other fascists.

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I wonder what the definition of a failed state is in Iran?

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Elections? They have already been replaced by divine appointments! ;-)

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Despite the intense debate mess I want to compliment you for the excellent analysis "Islam, Absent and Present, or, The Arabs, Iran, and Fouad Ajami"

I agree with your main conclusion: “The failures, political, economic, social, intellectual, and moral, of Muslim peoples and polities, are a direct result of Islam itself."

By Western standards all Muslim states are failed states, but the question we should ask is: What is a failed state by Islamic standards? ;-)

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Could be a publicity stunt but I doubt it. Jytte Klausen is aware that the Muhammad cartoons are legal in Denmark according to a court ruling in October 2006. In her article in SPIEGEL from last year she never the less claim :

“ … What a shame, then, that the free speech they (Rose and Wilders) claim to be defending isn't even at risk in Europe. In fact, one could argue that the freedom they cite doesn't even exist at all. When Rose claimed that in the name of free speech Muslims must "be willing to put up with sarcasm, mockery, and ridicule," he was wrong on two counts. First, images are not speech -- Western courts have long allowed stricter limits to be placed on images than words. Pornographic images are also subject to greater restrictions than pornographic books. Second, racial and religious insults fall outside the realm of protected speech. Ironically, the United States has the most absolute right to free speech, but even there voluntary guidelines against offensive and racist language and imagery kept newspapers from republishing the Muhammad cartoons.”

Legally speaking her claim is pure nonsence. What she is talking about is self-censorship out of fear for Muslim reactions. It is poecital justice that her book have been stripped of the Muhammad cartoons – not because they fall outside the realm of American free speech – but because of self-censorship.

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In the Danish anti-Islamic blogosphere she is known as a left wing apologist for Islam. She refuse “Eurabia” as pure fantasy and among her primary hate objects is Geert Wilders and “Fitna”.

In February 2009 she appeared on Danish TV2 News where she repeated the story about American Jews who were unable to understand the change in attitude and tolerance towards religious minorities (Muslims) since the Danes saved most of the Jews in 1943 from the Nazis.
Muslims have very different beliefs and many went to Europe because they preferred to live in an democracy - claimed this Islam expert.

Last year Jytte Klausen wrote an article in SPIEGEL Online International “Taking a Cue from the Danish Cartoon Scandal” presented with this summary:

“There are parallels between Dutch politician Geert Wilders' anti-Koran video and the response to the Muhammad cartoons that rocked Denmark two years ago. By placing his video on the Web, he will merely help Islamic fundamentalists and right-wing, anti-Muslim activists feed off each other's extremism.”

In my view Jytte Klausen is a leading figure among useful idiots for Islam in the academia.

Link to article:


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"Atlanta jihadist guilty, faces 60 years doing prison dawah"

So now he can do prison dawah for life? That´s not punishment - its encouragement! ;-)

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The "Hi" and smile is at 0:01 - the first second of the video not the first minute.

That makes it look staged but on the other hand the girl is put into an impossible stressful situation going public by the request of the Christians helping her against her instinctive desire to hide from the world, the Muslims and most of all her family.

I just hope I am wrong!