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We will roast him on Comedy Central with Jon and Steve presiding.

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Sorry, Oomp, spoiler alert. The Nazarene won already.

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It's the petty tyrants that are the tyrants. They're the ones who look for their lucre in yard sale legislation, they run the schools, the dmv.....they were born to be busybodies, all in the name of the law, of course.
Revenge is really sweet, in this case!

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They are Lord Bam and Lady Boozle, no matter how the press tries to paint them otherwise.

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It would be nice if those who call upon the Name of the Lord as Christians would spine up and do like Bonhoeffer. Another great Christian whose poetry is worth reading is Georgy Vins, a Russian Baptist, and Richard Wurmbrand, whose hellish story made it possible for us in the west to have organizations like Voice of the Martyr.
Thank you for your clarity of thought, Romanos, it is very encouraging.

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It will hit Europe before it does America. Perhaps Canada will be second, but you're right. It's coming.

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I once wrote an article about how it may become necessary to wage a war upon Islam's children, in urban warfare scenarios. I actually didn't write the whole article, but I did write extensive commentary throughout the article and included it when reposting the original. These things have been weighing heavily on my heart, lately. Over at American Digest, Gerard Vanderleun has posted a short couple of videos about Hiroshima. One of the stark things that amazed me was how quietly and slowly the bomb fell, till just a few hundred feet above the earth, when speed met with the power of gravity and in seconds, mass destruction.
The Bible often speaks about the fools who say peace and safety, and swift destruction falls upon them, and there is no escape. If there was any evidence about the truth of these words, Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the evocative images of that short biblical prophesy.
If you look at years preceding a momentous and horrific event, it is like looking at a bomb falling. We see the bomb falling, but there is a strange unreality to it all, until the actual hit. Does it seem to you, brother, that things are speeding up, just a little?
Now onto your atheist question. If you are paying attention, and I know that you are, the world is in revolt against God, what's new, right? But even the atheist can tell the truth when he feels prompted by it. Pat Condell is a scathing wit, typically British in his point of view, and I don't agree with him about atheism, but he is refreshingly honest about the insanity of western civilization allowing Islam to grow and fester in its midst.
The other man, Bill Maher is host of a cable talk show. I find him personally loathsome, corrupt and just basically awful...but....in this clip where he is interviewing Muslim shills about their peaceful religion, he, with unblinkered eye and brevity of wit, unmasked the liars for who they are. Something the press, with all its blatherskites can't muster enough courage to do. I'm honest enough to say that, yes, these two men, no heroes of the faith are they, but at least more fearless than people in the church who won't confront the enemies of their faith with the truth of the Gospel in fearlessness and love.

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You must keep pretending, brother, that there is nothing wrong. All is well in Eurotopia! Don't you understand that having Turkey become part of Europe would be a GOOD thing?

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Amen to you, Gary, and amen to the Editrix!

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Pilgrim needs to alter his banner in order to make it more legible. Book of the maggots, eh? Exquisite imagery. How I love samizdat.