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Well, now that you've deleted my response to the almighty Raymond Ibrahim and his minions you can practice taqiyya about what I said.

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Exquisitely stated!! I could quote some of your comments in CAPITALS. You go...whoever!

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Raymond, I have the utmost respect for your well-reasoned exegeses of Islamic theology and its stark contrast with Judeo-Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Confucian or other religions that truly profess peace.

But you have subtly slandered those of us who believe in no god or religion. Yet we - I - believe in the equality of all - male, female, gay, lesbian, transgendered, and the unborn child in the womb - bow before the alter of justice in our free world.

You stated: "As a Christian — indeed, as pope — by evoking his 'deep respect' for Muslims, Benedict probably meant that Muslims, who believe in one God, pray, fast, and follow a strict set of moral principles, are, from a religious perspective, worthy of 'deep respect,' certainly in comparison to the many godless of the secular West."

"CERTAINLY IN COMPARISON TO THE MANY GODLESS OF THE SECULAR WEST"? How dare you rate us "godless" people below the barbaric moslem slobovians who believe in marital rape, "honor killings" of the raped, brutal subjugation of non-believers, etc, etc, etc. This "godless person" stands against all of that. I despise Islam and all the hatred it espouses for "unbelievers."

Who the hell do you think you are, you sanctimonious bastard?

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Obama can write another narcissistic book about this experience titled "Schlepping with the Enemy."

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It's the sequel to His book, "The Audacity of Hope." Titled "The Audacity of Mendacity."

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Excellent ideas. Although the proto-French won the Battle of Tours in 732 ce, maybe that anniversary date would be worth big, noisy parades through the Moslem communities of Britain. And carry hammers in honor of Charles, "The Hammer," Martel.

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"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty" - Thomas Jefferson. For other great quotes of a similar nature, visit this link:

The above quote was the inspiration for a poem I wrote several years ago but after 9/11/2001. If any of you wish to pass it along to others, please feel free to do so.

Mountain Kings

Those muscular mountain kings,
those lords of hardened stone
rose to power ages ago.
Towering rugged peaks climbed high,
thrusting upward as they fought
with tectonic forceful might.

Evil defied such daring will
as dark knights attacked in clouds,
charging with lightning lances
and thunderous cursing shouts
to crash against the mountains’ mail
and bleed in torrents on their walls.
But evil waged relentless wars,
and battles raged down the ages.

Clad in their craggy rocky armor
those martial mountain lords fought
against the siege of endless seasons
and proudly wore the deeper scars
that icy swords had sliced in stony flesh.

But eons of waging yearly wars
had slowly worn them down
and breached their rocky ramparts.
Their bitter foes, water and ice,
had carried off load after load
of the mountains’ massive treasure.

As time wore on those frequent raids
stole more and more away,
reducing the kings’ castle walls
into growing piles of rubble.

Even so, despite such trouble
they still reigned over all in sight.
The fortress of their lofty crests
remained to dominate the land
and challenged anyone who dared
to scale their fearsome heights.

But down below advanced a few
who chose to test their will
against those battle-hardened kings.
They strode on tortuous trails
that tortured feet, and stinging sleet
flailed at them as they assailed
the storm-beaten battlements.

They pressed on toward their goal:
to stand atop a towering peak,
as gusting winds grabbed at them
and tried to throw them down,
but holding on they climbed ahead
and slowly gained more ground.

At last they fought their way to scale
parapets of jagged jumbled rocks,
and breaking free to reach the peak…
they saw freedom’s kingdom all around.

The climb had taken their breath away,
but this took more breath still.
They stood silent, in awed respect
of the Power that made this place,
and in that moment they understood
what it meant to be the mountain kings.

Duty, Honor, Country.

This poem is dedicated to the soldiers of
the 10th Mountain Division and all those
who have fought for freedom with their
boots on the ground of mud, dirt, dust,
sand, snow, ice and rock.

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Robert, I have a suggestion. Brigitte Gabriel's organization, "ACT! for America," has a program for regular monthly donations called "Patriot Partners." Members provide ACT! with either debit or credit card information and decide the monthly contribution amount. ACT! then taps the account each month for that amount, and members don't have to do anything else unless they want to stop it. I've been doing this for several months, and it's worked perfectly for me.

Using this method has two benefits. First, it can turn a monthly $10 contribution into $120 over a year, or $20 per month into $240, etc., which makes it affordable to give a lot more than you think you can. Second, it allows you (JW) to be able to budget income against monthly expenses. I'd be glad to do this for the invaluable service you provide here.

You can contact Brigitte and see how ACT! set this up.

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Yes, there is. It's . Although Brigitte Gabriel founded it less than a year-and-a-half ago, we now have over 53,000 members and 250,000 members nationwide. And growing.

On our home page, point on the top and "Local Chapters" then click on "Find Your Local Chapter." It will display a map of the USA. Click on your home state, and it will display all of the chapters there.

All for one, and one for all!

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Yes, there is. It's . Although Brigitte Gabriel founded it in late 2007 - less than a year-and-a-half ago - we now have over 53,000 members and 250 chapters in almost every state of the USA. We are nationwide, and there are even several chapters in Canada.

We not only educate others about the truth of Islamic jihadist supremacism, but we exert political force on our Senators and Representatives in the U.S. Congress to counteract Islam's subversion of our American Constitutional laws that protect our freedoms, especially the freedom of speech to criticize a bizarre, brutal, barbaric religion like Islam and the mutant moslem maniacs who follow it.

Duty, Honor, Country