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This the joke they've been telling us for decades. Truth came out. The Palestinians are not the followers of the Filistines. They are ARABS. They intentionally hide in hospitals and mosques, and in densely populated areas and hope for some children to become casualties. Now THAT is really brave. The UN has been their clarion for decades, and lately the Human Rights Commission has become completely infected with representatives of the Muslim countries. What they want ? Israel, complete with everything in it, so they can build their mosques on top of the Christian and Jewish monuments, like they built their Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock Mosque right on top of the Jewish Temple. Like they built thousands of mosques on top of other people's temples and churches. They will never stop demanding Israel land, until there is nothing left. Like they demand the world for themselves, as Mohammed ordained some 1400 years ago, and like they push to colonize Europe.

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Ha. Don't blame the Jews for their own Holocaust, past and predicted. You are breaking two principles: Nobody deserves that, and there is no justice in collective punishment. Watch out, this is stupid propaganda. Plus, I suppose it's everybody's business that it never happens again, to nobody, and it will be everybody's guilt if it be let to happen. Besides, Jews are only the first in line for Muslims. All others that do not convert are right next. And I'm not going to convert.

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Mr. David Solway is exactly of my recent opinion. There are good Jews and bad ones. There is no other way to explain how Jews supported all minority rights, only to see their policy backfire with the Muslims. Some of them it seems are still pressing on. Despite the fact that mass-killing Jews has been a pleasure for Mohammed and is deeply embedded in the Islamic faith. How can it even be tolerated as a religion ?! There is no horror you can think of which is not mentioned as a virtue in this.. whatever cult this is.. ?!

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Isn't it a Muslim habit to fight between their wives and children ? So the bullets from the enemy hits women and children as much as possible ?__You don't qualify for perverts, much less for people. What the Nazis, your friends, did, was not near that filthy. When they fought, they never put their women and children in the line of fire, so they could parade their bodies to the media. That's just the Muslim way, that makes Muslims dishonorable fighters. Why do I say fighters ? Muslims are not fighters but assassins. That is drugged murderers. Drugged on Islam that takes their brains out and replaces it with the murderous ramblings of Mohammed. No thinking here, only the Koran here.

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This doesn't have anything to do with Socialism, only with money, greed, betrayal, and Islam. Get your story straight, there is no Socialism in this infamous business. Socialism is a totally different quarrel, they are just throwing dust in our eyes talking about Socialism in conjunction with Islam. There is no true connection between Socialism and Islam, and it is not Socialists that are selling our butts to the Arabs. We should better get our number straight, about who exactly is selling us. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to find the culprits. Islam is all about deceit, it has always been.

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Your religion was obsolete even as Mohammed invented it. Mohammed's time may have been a few tens of thousands of years ago when hyena-like packs of primitive apes roamed the desert, not knowing how to produce anything, only how to kill somebody. You're a bug in human history. Jews, Christians and Hindus, are the ones that know you best for exactly what you are, that's why you hate them most. You're mainly accusing everybody of the crime of defending themselves against the horrors of Islam. Those who know you best, are the most guilty, and you wish their death first.__You're going to the dumpster, Arab or whatever you may be, one way or the other.__Just so you know I know, and I'm no Jew, no Christian and no Hindu. So you know people are waking up, and there is no room for Islam on the Earth, and nowere in the Universe for that matter. You will be cornered and made to eat the dust, you morons. Your lies are no more than windows into your black handicapped souls that need to be put to sleep and out of your misery.

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It does mean you're aliens. You try to overcome. You need to be kept aside and away.

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Ra-Ta-Ta-Ta-Ra.. that will Cool them.. How about special Courts, especially for Muslims, fast track to the Old Thunderbolt, electric Oak chair ??? What would the most contradictory way of execution be, against all the Muslim beliefs ? So that they really dread it.. Since dying because of a belly-ache, caused by an explosive belt, seems to get their approval, what would a real punishment for these guys be ? Maybe we have to come up with a real crazy way to put them to death, since their minds are so twisted.. So they really fear it..

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Idiotic. Why or how has the blood of the Muslims become cheap in the marketplace ? Who's buying it ? Nobody wants it and nobody pays for it. What could I do with the Muslim's blood ?! What, am I a Vampire or something ? Keep your filthy blood to yourselves, you retards, you apes, you simulates of humans !

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The US danced with the Devil at some point, just to annoy the USSR. What do you know, the US and the USSR are very close when you compare them to the Arab Muslim Maniacs..The US really stirred up the Devil to fight the USSR.. Bad idea, because now the Muslim Devil is getting stronger and fighting everybody..