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Number 58 can be my fine piece of oates!!!

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Liked a couple songs and that's it. Good luck guys in whatever you do.

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Why? You probably don't even vote.

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Lets beat that old horse into the ground why don't we. quit it with the same old talking points. SOS from both sides. The left is getting worse by the day though.

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That's called reason. They don't subscribe to that logic david.

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Well said. Furious is probably some white who hates his own race. kinda like another degenerate on here.

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You wouldn't do anything. It took me all of 5 minutes to find out who you are. you can play it off like it's not. But you have you're name attached all over the place to different profiles. So unless it's some other Badadad who served in the Navy and lives in Cedar Rapids, you're the one and only person these people have been talking about. It's amazing what you can find with Google and other sites.

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Just shut the comments down KCRG. You guys are a naz/i's when it comes to free speech.

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well i won't respond cause i'm not Herky. Maybe he will chime in later. Why would i wanna own a nuke or a tank? Lets be real here. I should be able to own any firearm i wan't including full auto ones. But i will say Why should the Government have to help the people? There used to be a time when they had a smaller role and didn't give handouts, and left the people alone to live their life how they wanted. All i see now is more intrusion. More telling you how to live you're life since apparently people like yourself can't and want these handouts! If you like that sorta thing move to Moscow comrade.

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So herky,what has a republican right winger ever done for the "little people" ?
Who wrote that? Must be some other person named Baddad. It clearly appears you were responding to me. Plus the email i got says you were. Have you always been a laughing stock? I can name one president who attacked the 2 amendment. Good old coke smuggling slick willy. He banned something which not many people own. and is highly regulated. If you don't know the difference between a a.s.sault rifle and a semit auto you are dense. Here's a short list of some good old Dems for you.