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Description of the perp please?

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Government workers exist to fatten their own pension accounts (and take 15 holidays per year), not to help the taxpayers that provide their paychecks.

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The guy is dating a broad half his age, and has her so wrapped around his finger that she'd take the fall for him when the donut-eaters start asking questions. This man is a stud.

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Honestly, who didn't see this coming? Were there people out there saying "My, that gentleman with a wall clock around his neck would make an astute businessman"

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How is he "cleaning up"? Every measurable statistic was better under Bush: Employment, Energy prices, Public debt, Wholesale food costs, everything. Mr. Hopeychange said he'd end "Bush's wars". He lied, but to compensate, started a third war of his own in Libya.

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Just take a look into his mindless, vacant eyes. Clas.sic Barry Soetoro supporter.

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Another Obama voter heads to jail.

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If this was a taxpaying white defendant, he'd get a bench warrant for failure to appear. But since liberals dominate our justice system, this clown walks free.

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Thank you to the nanny AttorneY General for bringing this product to my attention. I otherwise would not have heard of it but may now purchase one to try it.

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A better headline would have read "Theif Perishes, Shot By CCW-Permit Jeweler During Robbery Attempt".