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I'm out.

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Gotta keep the welfare queens (farmers) happy!

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They need to make an example of this guy. Funny how the "gun free for all" crowd thinks we need to make it easier to acquire guns. Sears sure had a tough time, huh?.
Daniels is probably one of those gun nuts that figured he would help a guy get a gun to "protect" himself. Let's see how the second amendment helps him in prison.

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LOL at thinking Republicans are fiscally conservative. They do a good job selling the idea of it but in practice they don't deliver. For example, the last republican pres. to preside over a balanced budget was Ike in the 1950's. Fiscal conservatives? Not even close... all for the rich and powerful? You betcha.

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They actually do that at the busiest times so they can get more advertising $. Ever notice all the ads on the sides of rail cars? ADM, Cargill, Canada, random vulgarities about a graffiti artists ex girlfriend, etc... It's all about marketing maaaaan!

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Yeah, it's legal. They do this in Ames and Nevada at speeds of up to 70mph. They have to install "enhancements" such as gates and curbs that make it harder to run around those gates, but it can be done. The engineer cannot blow the whistle unless in an emergency situation.
They will still block traffic at 5 pm sharp every single day though, whistles or none.

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What we need to do is rip up the tracks and let about 5,000 more pill'd up truckers wander around completely lost downtown. I didn't hit near enough pot holes last time I was over there, but man were those train horns loud!. The $250,000 could then be spent on picking up urine containers and re-treads and methadone treatment for lot lizards.

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Republicans paying back corporate farm donors? Count me in as not really surprised. I wonder how many jobs this bill will create?

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And by tea party groups you are refering to the handful of extremists that showed up to shout their hatred for everything government and especially Obama.
There's 1,000 white chicks in this town alone that will camp outside overnight for tickets next time a vampire movie gets released. Doesn't make them relevent.

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So Branstad will request federal money for this? What a Marxist Commie.